Tanger Tips: How To Wear Fall Hats

Hat lovers – It’s your time to shine! Get ready to turn heads in an “Oh wow she’s really pulling that off” rather than an “Oh lord, who told her that looked good” kind of way. Hats used to be the accessory you grabbed when you felt drab or were having a bad hair day. They are SO much more than this people… Hats aren’t intended to cover up the not so hot, they’re meant to shine, be the icing on the cake, you get my drift!

Hoping that you’ve come to understand my passion to reinvent the hat afterthought, I’m going to pack this post full of tips and tricks to wearing the season’s most fashionable accessories. There a quite a few hat options out there these days, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re all interchangeable. Versatile, yes. Interchangeable, no. Some work better with specific looks, look better with different hairstyles, etc.

Beanie - SaksBeanies

Beanies are a must-have for the colder months, but it can be super easy to slip into a more juvenile style with this headwear. We want to avoid looking like a child and go for more of a sophisticated fashion statement. Here’s how to accomplish a chic beanie look.

  1. Go with a neutral color – It’s more versatile this way.
  2. Keep it simple – Avoid beadwork or heavy embroidery.
  3. Opt for a looser fit – Tight beanies just look silly.
  4. Keep it natural – Wear it over your forehead and on a downward angle to the back of your head, covering your ears.

Cap - PacSunCaps

Baseball or athletic hats might be the only fashion accessory that men currently know more about than women. Sometimes we just want to toss one on as we run out the door like the guys, but we have to put more thought into it than that. Maybe these tips will make the decision a little easier.

  1. Avoid athletic logos or any large symbols  – These can be kept for those bad hair days I mentioned, but don’t try to dress them up.
  2. Try leather – Yes, a leather ball cap.
  3. Throw one on with a dress – You’ll be surprised, trust me!
  4. Embrace the menswear trend – I’m not saying wear your man’s cap, just toss your more stylish counterpart on with a pair of loose boyfriend jeans and a casual (but cute) tee.

Fedora - PacSunFedoras

Fedoras have been a popular male accessory for a while now, but no stress – More and more women are adopting this cool and casual look.They represent class, style, and sophistication. The fashion possibilities are absolutely endless! Just be sure to follow these rules.

  1. Work with your proportions – You don’t want your hat to overpower your frame.
  2. Invest in the classics – Felt and straw, get them both! You’ll thank me later.
  3. Master the “messy but cute” doo – Fedoras are the perfect compliment to a casual relaxed look.
  4. Get creative – Dress it up or down with decorative bands and accents.

FloppyFloppy Hats

There’s a floppy hat suitable for literally everyone and every style. From different colors, textures, shapes and adornments, you’re sure to find one that compliments your fall or winter look. I personally love the fact that they’re extremely practical as well. There’s nothing like saving your face from the elements in style! Here are a few tricks to successfully wearing them.

  1. Get the right fit – There IS such a thing as too big.
  2. Add your own personality (maybe with a POP of color) – Floppy hats are allowed to steal the show!
  3. Work on your posture – I know it sounds silly, but stand up straight. It look more chic this way!
  4. Go all out – Pair your new hat with a jumpsuit or wide legged pants for a 100% retro look.

You’ve got your tools, now get to Tanger and pick up your favorite fall hat! Happy Shopping!

A Match Made in Heaven

Matching separates are taking center stage this season in bold solids and striking prints! Whether you opt for pretty flowers or stand-out stripes, these perfect pieces were designed to come as a pair. I’m seeing double in everything from matching trouser suits and shorts with shell tops to blazers and pencil skirts. Fashionistas around the world are updating their looks with uniform dressing – head-to-toe textures, colors, prints, you name it! It’s time to meet your match…

But first – The following tips will help keep your look posh and trendy:

1. Go for a simple top (blouse or light tee) under the matching set, if it calls for one of course.

2. Pick a color (or print) and style that you’ll get wear out of separately too, not just as a set.

3. Choose modern cuts, fitted and tailored. Avoid oversized and flouncy pieces.

4. Accessorize with chic shoes, bags and clutches. This will ensure the look remains modern and sophisticated.

5. Large jewelry will also provide a nice touch to a super coordinated look.

Get double the style points by mirroring your new matchy matchy looks after the street style snapshots below.

Prints Please!

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Monochrome Love!

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Happy Shopping!

On the Hunt for 30 Trendy Items Under $30

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy hunting down the latest and greatest for you guys! My latest stop was in Foley, AL. In my last post, I shared my bargain buy of the season (the J.Crew striped dress) and showed you how to wear it three different ways for three different occasions. Check out that video here!

As if that weren’t enough fun and excitement for one trip, I decided to go on a little scavenger hunt. I thought, why not see how many trendy items I can find at Tanger for under $30 each… Oh and in 30 min! What? Crazy? No – It was actually a breeze. Watch my quick video to see my amazing finds. This just goes to show you that big or small, you can find anything on your shopping list at one of Tanger’s INCREDIBLE brand name stores in a flash! There’s no sifting through outdated merchandise, no having to ask 5 sales associates for help and no worry about time!

All of the items featured in my video can be found at the following stores:

American Eagle Outfitters

Banana Republic Factory Store

Gap Outlet

J.Crew Factory

Kenneth Cole

Old Navy Outlet

Hurry and Happy Shopping!

How To Wear One Dress Three Ways – Foley, AL

Sometimes refreshing your wardrobe doesn’t take a complete overhaul. If you invest in the right versatile staples, you should be able to style any statement piece a number of different ways. While visiting Tanger Outlets in Foley, Alabama, I found the perfect dress to transition from Summer to Fall and styled it for the office, a weekend festival and a datenight – Three completely different looks!

If you’re looking to put these looks together yourself, all you’ll need in addition to your favorite statement dress are the following items.

  1. Solid Blazer
    • Color of your choice
  2. Solid Flats
    • Color of your choice
    • Tip: try to compliment the blazer
  3. Denim Jacket 
    • Tip: I wear an oversized denim shirt to avoid the bulk
  4. Chunky Gold Necklace
    • Long or short depending on the cut of the dress
  5. Fun Scarf
  6. Neutral Heels
  7. Crystal Necklace 
    • Long or short depending on the cut of the dress
  8. Metallic Clutch

Chances are you probably already have half of these pieces hanging in your closet. Get creative and remember, if there’s something you’re missing, head to Tanger to find it! You can’t beat the selection and more importantly the savings! Happy Shopping!


How To Pull Off Bold Fall Prints

When asked about how to pull off bold fall prints, my answer is always “Attitude!” Anyone can wear them! Personally, I feel more energized when wearing stronger prints. Especially in vibrant fall hues. Check out our Pinterest page for some great sources of inspiration!


There are multiple ways to wear them. If you’re more conservative and content with your current style, try tossing on one bold piece mixed with solids or neutrals. This could be striking pencil skirt, a brighter printed trouser or even a wild blazer. You’re sure to catch the attention of your admirers, but they’ll most likely be commenting on your confidence. I’m telling you… These prints will transform the way you feel and the way you carry yourself.

I’ve had a thing for mixing prints this season, so I’m going to give you guys a few tips and tricks to doing this the right way. If you’re daring enough to mix bold prints, my guess is that you’re either a conservative dresser wanting to branch out a bit or you’re the free spirit looking for different ways to show off the endless number of eye-catching pieces hanging in your closet. These tips will help both of you!

Tip No. 1: Start with Just a Pop

Not ready to dive into mixed prints from head to toe. One easy way to rock this trend is to toss on a bold patterned scarf over a more subtle printed top, think wispy florals, soft watercolors or light stripes. Animal print or floral scarves go with almost anything. The combination might seem a little out of this world at first, but will all come together once you top it off with a solid cardigan, jacket or coat.

Tip No. 2: Stripes with Florals are the Go-To

One of the safest mix-and-match combos is stripes and florals. It’s simply classic and not overwhelming. My favorite is the cute striped shirt and a floral skirt. Accessorize with neutral items so that you don’t take away from your mix-matched masterpiece!

Tip No. 3: Don’t Over Accessorize

Keep the attention on the mixed prints. Keep them to a minimum — stack a few bracelets, or don a sparkling ring or your favorite new clutch. Bright, attention grabbing jewels should be saved and used more as statement pieces of their own.

Tip No. 4: When in Doubt, Grab Polka Dots

So you’ve found an incredible bold patterned skirt and want to give this who mix-matched thing a try, but you just aren’t sure what to throw on top. Grab the polka dots. I recommend everyone have a sheer polka dot blouse or collard shirt. You’ll find that this print mixes well with almost everything!

Tip No. 5: Break It Up

If you feel like your bold prints are running together and making you feel a bit overwhelmed, just toss on a belt to break them up. This is a great solution for prints that are more similar in shape or color as well.

So, what do you think? Do you feel armed and ready to shop for the perfect fall patterned pieces or even just visit your closet and piece together some never-been-seen combos. I hope I’ve at least provided the confidence to give it a shot. Take it off the hanger and slip it on. I promise once you start experimenting, it will all come together!


Tanger Shopping Adventures – Houston, TX

I had an absolute blast visiting the Tanger Outlet Center in Houston, TX a few weeks ago. If you live in the area or anywhere within a short drive, I highly recommend a visit. Not only did I pick the most beautiful day in Houston’s Summer history to go shopping, I picked the day all the kiddos were out with mom and dad doing all of their back-to-shopping! Any day is a good day when you shop AND ride the carousel. If you’re wondering… I might have taken a spin or two.

I thought it would be neat to chat with the kids about why they like to shop at Tanger. I found out what all the hottest stores are, what they’re planning to wear on the first day of school and more. Check out my short video with my new BFFs! For more fun videos, be sure to visit Tanger’s YouTube page.

If you haven’t finished or even started your back to shopping, it’s not too late! Extra TangerSTYLE Fall deals are running now through the end of the month. Be sure to visit www.TangerOutlets.com to plan your trip and download your additional 20% OFF coupons. The savings are UNREAL!

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Back-to-School

I hate to be the summer spoiler, but we’ve officially entered back-to-school season! Of course there are pros and cons to this annual transition, but I’ve got to say – I’ve never been more excited to help piece together some of the hottest back-to-school fashions I’ve seen in years! Get ready to make a major style statement!

This back-to-school season is all about mixing and matching – combining prints, colors, accessories and jewelry can elevate any look, not to mention create endless combinations. Who doesn’t love getting more for less? Versatility is king! Here are some key pieces I suggest picking up next time you’re at Tanger.

No. 1 – Oversized Sweaters

First comes practicality – Who doesn’t get a little chilly in class? Be prepared with a cute oversized sweater, rather than throwing on a fleece that may or may not look like an afterthought. I recommend going for more neutral tones like grey, taupe or even black. You’ll be able to rock it with almost any look. Think texture, shape and detail. Maybe even go crazy with leather patches on the elbows or pockets – Oh gotta love pockets!

No. 2 – Neon Pops of Color

Neon pops of color make it easier than ever to jazz up your basics. Pick up a few bright skinny belts to toss around a solid dress, finish off a layered cardigan look or to simply accent your favorite jeans. There’s also an endless assortment of bright jewelry available at Tanger. Go with a statement necklace for a bold and stylish look or a subtle bauble earring for an understated but not underdressed effect.

No. 3 – Colored Jeans

Colored skinny jeans are a must-have for all! You absolutely can’t go wrong. They’re the easiest to style being that they will always be the focus of attention. Here are the fall colors released by Pantone’s 2014 Fashion Report. My vote – get one in each color!


No. 4 – Romantic Layers

Back-to-school season means cooler weather and of course fluctuating classroom temperatures. Dressing in romantic layers is a perfect way to fashionably plan for a cool morning and a warmer afternoon ride home. Start with lace shells or base layers. Whether they’re seen underneath a blush or neutral cardigan or peeking out beneath a crew neck sweater, they’re sure to add a touch of femininity!

No. 5. – Bold Patterns

On the other side of the fashion spectrum are the bold patterns. Think lips, cats, glasses, catchy sayings or quotes… I’ve seen it all! While I condone one wild piece per look, I’m warning you – Don’t go overboard. One and only one! Pair your favorite graphic tee with a dark skinny jean and motorcycle jacket and you’re sure to look too cool for school… Well, not too cool! You catch my drift!

No. 6 – Skirts

Skirts! Skirts! Skirts! My goal is to make skirts the new go-to item in your closet! They are by far, the most versatile and fashionable pieces you’ll own. They come in tons of shapes, colors, textures and can be styled to your liking. Keep it casual with a pencil skirt and a trendy t-shirt or get fancy with an a-line skirt and your favorite heels. Let’s be real – you probably aren’t rocking heels to class. Maybe save that look for the superlative awards at the end of the year, where you’re sure to get Best Dressed!

What’s the best part of back-to-school shopping? It can all be done in one visit to Tanger Outlets, where you’ll find an endless list of incredible brands and the absolute best savings in town! You simply can’t beat the experience. Before you hit the road, be sure to visit www.tangeroutlets.com now through the end of the month to download your additional 20% OFF coupons.


Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Mint Green

Mint – It’s the color of summer. With almost two months left of everyone’s favorite season, there’s still time to sport this trendy shade. Pastel colors were huge this spring, but the minty hues held on strong and have been seen in more vibrant hues throughout the summer months. Mint pieces are extremely versatile, as the color practically goes with everything – tone it down with your favorite neutrals or pair it with your brightest brights. The choice is yours! The color is fresh, but not too feminine. It’s prefect for everyone!

Below you’ll find some of my mint-spiration, used to stock my summer closet. All of the pieces I found can be worn on a casual weekend girls trip or even a sassy night out with your man. You can’t be afraid to experi-mint!

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Beach Accessories

Beach Cover

I get it! Summer is all about taking time off and relaxing. Crashing waves, the smell of sunscreen, the tropical breeze and endless sunshine – all perfect ingredients for an amazing day in paradise. Beach vacations require that you step away from the phone or laptop, take a deep breath and enjoy a few days without a to-do list. There isn’t a worry in the world… well, maybe there is!

Vacations take planning. You plan your travel accommodations, research restaurants, book excursions, etc. All of this takes a little effort before tossing the electronics. I’m asking all of the women, the moms and the planners out there to add one small, tiny task to your list! Begin researching beach fashions! There’s an entire market out there that people aren’t taking advantage of. Bikinis and swim trunks are no longer the only necessities needed in the suitcase. Designers are producing incredible lines of beach and resort wear and it’s all stunning!

My favorite resource for beachwear inspiration – Pinterest! It’s the ultimate look book, with ideas for everyone. Take a look at my most recent board, featuring all of my favorite beach accessories for this summer. Pick out your favorites and head to Tanger to find the look! I promise, you’re going to feel like a million bucks strutting your stuff down the beach or at a nice seaside dinner. You’ll be glad you spent the time!

Pinterest Header

Pinterest - Beach Accessories

For those of you that appreciate a little more direction, here it a list of summertime beach necessities. Take this with you to Tanger and you’ll be set!

Cute Cover-ups

Don’t cover up your sassy swimsuit with a dingy beach towel. Instead, wear a trendy cover-up! There are plenty of choices this year that include jumpers, rompers, maxi skirts, retro shorts, and more!

Skin Saving Hats

Wide brimmed hats aren’t just worn to make a fashion statement, they also save your skin from unnecessary sun damage. They’re one of this year’s hottest trends! Tip – Choose styles with a loose, open weave so that your scalp can breathe.

Picture Perfect Sun Glasses

Statement sunglasses are a must. Most of us are wearing them anyways, so use this as an opportunity to stand out. Aviator, cat eye, round, and retro frames continue to be popular this year.  Tip – Purchase a pair that offers UV protection – lenses that will block  99–100 % of UVA and UVB rays.

Colorful Beach Towel

Claim that spot in the sand in style! No one wants to see last year’s faded favorite. Look for chevron patterns in pastels or fun beach waves in bright hues. You’ll also find towels with fun, cheeky sayings this year – they’re fabulous!

Spacious Beach Bag

You put extra thought into your purse selections for the beach, don’t you! Do the same for your beach bag. There’s one fit for everyone! Tip – Choose one that’s water proof and that offers a zippered pocket inside to stow away small items.

Happy Shopping!




Tanger Trend – Summer Dresses

Finding the perfect summer dress can be daunting and time consuming, but with plenty of options and the right tools, finding these warm weather staples is a breeze. Below, I’ve outlined the types of summer dresses that flatter each body type. If there’s something you’re unsure about or need more specific advice, feel free to comment below.


Women with a more boyish figure are usually blessed with long, lean legs. My advice – Show them off! Avoid long maxi dresses that can make you appear even straighter and shapeless. Go for shorter, fitted dresses with a cinch at the waist to help accentuate. If you want to create the illusion that you have larger hips, try to find summer dresses with side pickets or horizontal ruching. Feminine details and accents are also great for this body type.



If you have a pear-shaped body, summer dresses should be more fitted up top to show off your smaller upper body and have an a-line or full skirt. The key is to accentuate the parts of your body you feel best about and hide those that you aren’t in love with yet. Focus on highlighting the waist rather than hiding behind loose-fitting pieces. If you’re naturally curvy, you want to draw attention upwards. This creates balance and who doesn’t love to show off their back, neck and shoulders. You can even pull off statement earrings to balance off a more simple look.

Banana Republic


Athletic women usually have broader arms and shoulders – broader than their hips. Women with this body type are also fabulously toned and should always be looking for an excuse to show it off! Pick your favorite body part and run with it. The only thing I would suggest is staying away from too many details around the shoulders. Also avoid thick fabrics and high high necklines.



A lot of people think thin women have it made, when in reality it’s tough to find a good fit. Shapeless silhouettes can overwhelm a thin body and dresses that are too tight simply don’t add any interest. The cardinal rule for thin women is to avoid vertical stripes, as they make you look long and lanky. In order to look a little more voluptuous, go for printed or ruched dresses to give the illusion of curves. You absolutely don’t want to let the dress wear you!



The hourglass figure should always be shown off. After all – isn’t that what we’re all going for here! Simple, fitted sheath dresses look best on women with proportionate curves. Again, sticking to simple, always go with solid colors. Wild prints will detract from your shape.


Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – 4th of July Fashions

4th of July Sale

Some of my fondest summer memories as a child were those spent celebrating the fourth of July. It’s a time to celebrate our country with friends, family, festivals and food! Ahhh and FASHION! The 4th of July has always been an excuse to dress in theme from head to toe. This has of course toned down a bit with age (I’ll spare you the childhood photos), but I still use it as an opportunity to praise my great nation in style.

We all have different plans – Some requiring a fully accessorized look from head to toe and others just a simple swimsuit cover-up. No matter what’s on your agenda, I’ve got great finds! Below are some of my favorite pieces from Tanger!

You’ve still got time to shop – head out this evening or first thing in the morning to snag your favorite 4th of July fashions! You don’t want to miss the incredible 4th of July sales going on now through Sunday, July 6th! Don’t be late!

Tanger Trend – Tasteful T’s

Who would have thought that the cotton t-shirt could go from the ultimate basic to making a fashion statement all on its own? T-shirt trends are out and about this summer. Celebs and fashion icons alike are pairing them with everything from jeans to party skirts and even accessorizing with diamonds and other couture pieces. Think of the summer t-shirt as a canvas – you can dress it up or dress it down however you so choose. This comfy classic comes in an array of styles. Here are a few must-have styles to add to your collection! Let’s be real… we all need more than one!

The V-Neck

Audios crewneck, hello deep V! For men and women alike, the V-neck t-shirt has stollen the show, becoming the single-most sought after style of fashionable T’s. I suggest going for a looser fit – one that shows of your silhouette but also says “this look is a breeze.” They key is to be styled, without looking like you won a summer camp t-shirt decorating contest. Keep it simple!

v-neck t-shirt

Men’s T’s

The menswear trend can easily translate into “t-shirts for everyone!” Sport an oversized t-shirt with fitted jeans and a scarf and you have a polished and chic lazy-day look – perfect for running errands or picking up the kids from the pool.

boyfriend t-shirt


Ok – I’m not talking garage sale finds here. More like perfectly worn with a touch of personality. Designers are eliminating the need to scuff up your perfectly good t-shirts for that old-faithful feel by doing the distressing themselves. The key is to look for pieces that have this stylish element without looking dingy. Trust me, once you find it, you’ll know!

distressed t-shirt

The T-shirt Dress

Stylish and easy to wear, T-shirt dresses are becoming a go-to for comfort-lovers who also crave style. They’re a one-step dressing solution for days when time or patience is in short supply.

t-shirt dress

So there you have it! Throw on your favorite comfy t-shirt and head to Tanger to stock up for the summer. Happy Shopping!



Tanger Trend – Easy Chic

It’s summer which means that it’s time to relax! Take all the stress out of figuring out what to wear in the mornings – It’s time to go simple! While layering and accessorizing have their place, Summer is a time to appreciate the chic factor of uncluttered, but polished outfits. Easy chic is just that… easy to achieve! Think loose fabrics with light and breezy textures, blouses that float over your curves and maybe even fall over the shoulder. Think skirts that catch the wind and stylish sandals that can easily be slipped off for a walk down the beach.

I’ve rounded up a number of looks to provide some easy chic inspiration!

What do you think of these sleek silhouettes and minimal accents? You can pull off this chic sophisticated trend too! Just head to Tanger for an endless selection of summer fashions at the hottest prices!

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Global

TangerStyle Summer sales are in full swing at Tanger Outlets! Visit their website to download your extra 20% OFF coupons now through June  30th! These saving on top of the already unbeatable deals are mind-blowing. Really!

Take a minute to watch my new video on summer’s hottest trend before you go too! You’ll be armed with all of the tips and tricks to looking as stylish as ever for your favorite summer events. Let me know what you think about this worldly trend in the comments section below.

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Dainty Designs

We’ve seen a million fashion trends come and go… but dainty jewelry has and always will be a winner! It’s classy and romantic and can be worn everyday to help polish off a number of different looks. It’s simple and so chic! There’s a time and a place for statement jewelry, but your dainty pieces are the ones that will stand the test of time. Just because you’re rocking jeans and a t-shirt, doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! I wear more gold, simply because it screams sophistication, but this trendy jewelry is just as flattering in silver, copper and even rose gold. Below are some of my favorite dainty pieces. Similar items can be found around every corner at Tanger. And remember, the jewelry is timeless but the sales could come and go… so hurry and get shopping!

Comment below and let me know what you think of this delicate trend!

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Memorial Day Fashions

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, so pull out those clothes that have been hiding in your closet or under your bed since fall and style them better than they’ve ever been styled! If you’re just not feeling anything you have to choose from, head to Tanger! The sales this weekend are going to be unbelievable. I’ve been going for years and don’t plan to miss this one!

Tanger Memorial Day

For most of you, I’m sure your Tanger stop will be one of many weekend plans. After all, long weekends only come around every once in a while – I recommend squeezing in as many outdoor activities as possible. Maybe this means relaxing at the beach, getting together with your colleagues at a suburban barbecue or sipping cocktails on a sunny rooftop in the city. Whatever it is, don’t stress about what to wear. I’ve the perfect look that is not only stylish, but versatile. Dare I suggest you rework it for multiple events! Well, it’s possible!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Skinny white jeans are life-changing! I used to say they were the best seasonal investment, but now you can wear them year round. They’re good for a casual get together or even a crazy night out. You simply can’t go wrong! A cuffed capri length jean paired with heels or a wedge flatters every body type. They come in various lengths and can be found at stores like J.Crew Factory, Gap Factory Outlets, Saks OFF 5th, Banana Republic and many more! They’re everywhere.

I like paring my skinny jeans with flowy, draped tops. They’re light and airy and balance out the tighter fit of the jeans. Not to mention, almost every color in the book looks good with white. Obviously the reds and blues are hot for Memorial Day festivities, but you could also choose to rock a more neutral look to dress it up a bit. 

Once you have your base pieces, it all about accessorizing. I adore a summer wedge, but if heels aren’t your thing be glad there’s no shortage of phenomenal strappy flats at Tanger. Either of these options work great if you know you’ll be mingling on a grassy lawn or a roof top. Neutral shoes are my favorite, because they elongate the leg. If you’re looking to dress it up a little for an evening event, simply switch out the neutrals for metallic. You’ll look flawless! I can’t get enough of gold and white!

Visit www.tangeroutlet.com before you head out for a sneak peek at the deals and to plan your trip. Savings so big can turn a short stop into a shopping adventure, so you might as well be prepared! You won’t believe the deals from Tanger‘s incredible selection of brand names!

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Shopping! 

Tanger Shopping Adventures – Locust Grove, GA

I had the opportunity to visit Locust Grove, GA last week. Let me tell you… I’ve never seen so many people out and about on a Wednesday afternoon. The center was absolutely packed and I so enjoyed getting the chance to sit down with shoppers and talk with them about their Tanger shopping experience.

I had the brilliant idea to put together a video featuring their thoughts on Tanger’s tagline, “Think Outlets. Think Tanger.” I presented it as a fill in the blank question, asking them to add a third “thought” and here was the response!


Comment below and let me know where you would like me to come next! It’s getting a little warmer outside and I’m in need of a few new summer pieces. Who wants to go shopping?

Tanger Trend – Spring Skirts

Tis the season to show off a little leg! One easy way to do this is with skirts. They’re perfect for the breezy spring weather and come in a million variations from casual to fancy. But with so many options, how do you choose which types of skirts best fit your beautiful figure? You visit me! I’ve outlined a step by step guide to choosing the most comfortable and flattering skirts for any shape and size.

Step No. 1: Educate yourself on the different types of skirts available

The following is a list of the most standard skirt styles. Note, this is not a comprehensive list, as the world of skirts is endless.

  • Mini or Micro – Short
  • Bubble – Usually above the knee and bulges slightly at the hem
  • Pencil – Slimline
  • Flip (often referred to as mermaid) – Fitted through the waist with a flare at the hemline
  • Sarong – Wraps around the waist or hips
  • A-line – Flares out from the waist
  • Handkerchief – Graduated hem lengths, diagonal cut
  • Maxi – Loose fitting, usually three quarter length or longer

Step No. 2: Select a skirt type based on your figure

  • Shorter figures – Straight or slim skirts and a-line skirts are best for shorter figures. The best length is right above the knee, as anything shorter or longer can make you appear even shorter. Off center slits and verticle embellishments or detailing will help elongate the legs as well.
  • Curvy figures – A-line and sarong skirts are great for women with curvier figures. Go with soft and more fluid fabrics, which float over your womanly figure. Wear a skirt with a waistband if you want to accentuate the waist. Avoid them, if not.
  • Slim figures – Women with slimmer figures want to add shape. Bubble, filp or a-line skirts can help with this. Most other skirts can be worn as well, but be sure they have details like pleating, pockets, gathering, waistbands, etc. to help add interest to the shape.

Step No. 3: Understand the importance of hem length

Trends in hem lengths change every season, but it’s important that you stick with the length that is most flattering to your body type. The hem or length of the skirt should fall at the smallest part of your legs. For most people, this is mid thigh or just below or above the knee. Also note that when trying on skirts in the store, the hem should sit straight when on, with no dipping in the front or back (of course with the exception of diagonal cut hems or the intentional hi-low skirts).

Before you hit your nearest Tanger Outlet center, take a moment to explore your own closet. Take a quick look at what trends you seem to give in to most. Do you have more short skirts than long, more loose than fitted? This is usually a good indicator to what you feel most comfortable in. If what you see aligns with the tips I’ve provided here, then you’re all set. If you notice a random selection or none at all, I recommend you take some time to truly figure out what’s best for you. There are beautiful spring skirts out there for everyone!

Comment below with any questions about what’s best for your body type? Or maybe there’s a skirt hanging in your closet that you just aren’t sure what to pair with. Let me know and we’ll work together to piece together the perfect outfit!

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Spring Accessories

The last few seasons have been all about the clothes. The more striking and eye-catching the better, all while the accessories took a back seat. Yes, neutral and subtle accessories are timeless but it’s time you start investing in show-stopping pieces to brighten up your wardrobe! Luckily, all of the 2014 Spring/Summer designers were on the same page. There’s no shortage of great spring accessories at Tanger. Here are a few of my favorite pieces and must-have items.

1. Bags Full of Personality

Whether you’re headed to the beach or simply need a new office tote, you have the opportunity to make a statement this season. Go with a large striped bag like this one from Banana Republic if you want to capture that nautical feel. If you aren’t one for large patterns, try a pastel tote or cross-body bag. You might not be stuffing them with a million dollars, but you’ll sure look like you’re worth it!

Banana Republic

2. Stacked Arms

I’m really into stacked bracelets right now. Some people prefer to stack multiple dainty pieces up their arm, but I’m feeling the bolder, bigger bangles. Less can be more in this case! I LOVE these clear acrylic bracelets from Claire’s. They go perfectly with all of my Mod looks. The opacity and cut of the bracelets really make them stand out against any spring color.



3. Noticeable Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been around for a while and surely aren’t going anywhere. I love the 3D effect designers are incorporating into their 2014 designs. As we know, florals continue to be a strong trend this year. Necklaces like this are a great way to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe without having to dive in head first into floral prints from head-to-toe.



4. Spring Scarves

Many people don’t think of scarves as a spring staple, but let me tell you. They can be the BEST way to add a pop of color or a fun print to your monochromatic or neutral outfit. I love the look and urge you to embrace them all year round!

Banana Republic

Banana Republic

5. Bright Flats

Bright spring sandals are the best way to add a little fun to your warmer wardrobe and they come in almost ever color imaginable! In my opinion, the brighter the better. I like to use this as an opportunity to add a pop of color to my outfit. These beautiful Kate Spade flats even bring together the 3D floral trend we’re seeing this season! Aren’t they great?

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Invest in these five staples and you’ll be all set! Comment below and let me know what your favorite spring accessories are.

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Sheer

There’s no missing the sheer scene this spring. Designers from around the globe are incorporating translucent and breezy silhouettes into the mix, sometimes even paired with their more structured looks. This trend is graceful and feminine with a hint of mystery and sex-appeal. It’s one of this season’s hottest trends, but is not exactly the easiest to wear without the proper styling. For those fearful of over-exposure, I’ve come up with a few easy rules to keep you on the right side of daring. So, how do you execute the perfect sheer ensemble?

1. Make sure you’re dressing for the appropriate occasion.

If it calls for more modest attire, you’ll need more coverage underneath. Sometimes just a slither of skin is all that’s needed. If you are wanting to be a bit more adventurous, try wearing a sheer piece over a bandeau bra or camisole or with a bandage skirt or high-waisted trousers. I’ve also seen great combo pieces with strategically placed sheer panels, creating just enough interest while remaining tasteful. 

2. Think strategically about what lies beneath. 

If you wear a sheer blouse, layer it over a tank top or spaghetti strap camisole. They also provide a great solution to the crop top trend we’re seeing this year. If you appreciate the look but want to steer away from flaunting your midriff, layer it with a translucent silk top. It makes it much more wearable. If you’re doing to wear a sheer skirt, I would recommend layering it over a similarly colored bandage skirt or even snug shorts for a sportier look. Keep silhouettes simple – this look is all about conceal-and-reveal.

3. Choose your colors wisely. 

You always want your base pieces to be a shade similar to the color of the sheer garment. Avoid wearing under layers that are too close to your skin tone, as this can be deceiving. 

Now you’re ready for a full day of shopping at Tanger! Anyone can be a style maker with the right tips and tricks. Remember – always try on one piece that feels a little out of your comfort zone. You don’t always fall in love with it until it’s on. Also, dress strategically when shopping. If you know you’re on the hunt for the perfect sheer blouse, plan you undergarments accordingly. 

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Geometric Inspirations

It’s ok – It’s just a flashback to geometry class for one of this season’s hottest trends with grids, triangles, circles and more! All of these shapes add a kind of quirkiness to spring’s softer feel. They’re available in all of our favorite candy colors, but my favorites are by far the black and white pieces.

Briana - Geometric

I’ve spent my time exploring Tanger for some of the neatest geometric looks and have seen everything from geo, laser-cut necklaces to simple, black and white dresses. I will say, I was surprised to see it so well done with textures as well. I saw quite a few pieces that appeared to be a solid, but when seen up close revealed a fun geometric texture. What do I always say? It’s all about the details!

On your next visit to Tanger, you’ll find basic geometric characters that are repeated and multiplied and an endless amount of prints creating optical illusions and large graphics.You’ll notice that all of these pieces are symmetrical, which make them extremely figure flattering!

Happy Shopping!

Let me know what you think of this spring trend by commenting below. I love hearing from happy Tanger shoppers!


Tanger Trend – Mod

Fun, chic, sophisticated, wild – You can wear it all with the help of this season’s hottest trend, Mod! Check out my video on how to incorporate this bold and beautiful spring trend into your existing wardrobe.


Are you inspired yet? Get to Tanger today to find all of these great mod looks and more! But first, visit www.tangeroutlets.com to download your additional 20% OFF coupons, available now through April 19th. You just can’t beat these deals!

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Candy Colors

Spring 2014 Palette

It’s ok to indulge in your sweet tooth this spring with fashions fondness for pretty pinks, mint greens, lemon yellows and violets. Designers are sending out these fancy spring shades in droves. Sugary sheer fabrics and beautiful laces bring out the sweet feminine appeal of youth, but are also very wearable.

Candy colors come in all shades from pastels to stronger, brighter hues. Each can be worn head-to-toe or used as statement accessories. See below.

Shoppers tend to think pastel hues are going to wash them out, but when done right they seriously enhance the beauty of each piece. One of my favorite looks from our 2014 campaign photo shoot was this threesome, shot for the cover of the 2014 Coupon Book. How stunning are these ladies in these soft peach and beautiful blush tones? This goes to show you that one color can work on many different skin tones.

Spring Pastels

We paired each of these looks with neutral and some metallic accessories. The looks were strong enough to stand on their own! Notice the shoes – they’re soft and simple but the styles are breathtaking. Again, a subtle but stylish compliment to the perfectly paired pastel ensembles.

If pastels aren’t you’re favorite, there’s still a treat for you! Bright, candy colored accessories should also be making their way into your jewelry boxes or armoires this spring. From what I’ve seen, brighter pinks, greens, purples and blues are the most popular.

If you’ve got the sweet tooth and are craving savings, it’s time to head to Tanger! TangerStyle Spring savings are going on now and you don’t want to miss them. If you don’t already have yours, click here to get additional 20% OFF coupons now through April 19!

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Fresh Florals

Spring is upon us and floral prints are in full bloom! This trend may not be groundbreaking but recent years have shown that these fresh looks are the embodiment of Spring. Luckily, designers have continued to reinvent their patterned pieces year after year. Spring 2014 welcomes a modern take on florals, marking the new dawn of femininity.

Done right, floral prints add a much-needed shot of “Hello Sunshine” to your Spring look. Just keep in mind, there’s a fine line between garden chic and just plain dowdy. You don’t want to overdo it! You’ll be fine – Just follow my tips on what to look for and how to wear your fresh floral finds.

Delicate Florals

For the sweetest of fashionistas – there’s no need to go with bold blossoms. I’ve seen tons of lightweight, floral fabrics in ladylike silhouettes and relaxed cuts. Whether it’s a sheer, printed blouse or a relaxed trouser, pair it with a dainty and equally as delicate counterpart. Keep the colors soft and subtle from head-to-toe.

Delicate Floral

Vibrant Florals

On the opposing end, there are also many bold and lively floral prints to be donned. I’ve seen colors like orange, orchid a blue gracing the isles of many Tanger brands this season. Daring prints seem to go hand in hand with these captivating colors. Cuts that have a venturesome touch are the ideal accompaniment: think laser-cut neck lines, cinched in waists and A-line skirts.

Spring 2014 ColorsDark Florals

Dainty vs. Dark? It’s a Spring style showdown! My favorite spin on this everlasting look is the dark color palette. You don’t have to ride the romance train all season. Instead, you can spice things up with an ink floral legging or a striking floral jumper. My advice to pulling off this new look is to pair your deeply hued prints with effortless sandals and minimal makeup.

Dark Florals

Mismatched Florals

Patchwork prints aren’t hard to miss this season either. My favorites are the mismatched maxi dresses! The designers are doing the work for you, creating pieces out of intricate, hand-sewn fabrics. All you need to do is add a chic pair of heels and nothing else. Don’t fight the fashion! If you want to patch the look together yourself, look for mismatched prints in complimentary colors so that they still gel together well.

Mismatched Florals

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Embellished Details

Spring 2014

I said it last week and I’ll say it again. Spring – Please hurry! Not only am I ready for warmer weather, I’m ready to flaunt my BEAUTIFUL new Spring pieces. This is by far one of my favorite trends and I’ve had a blast shopping for it! I’ve noticed intricate, beaded and bejeweled embellishments from the runways to the streets. Tanger has done an incredible job of stocking this trendy merchandise as well. I’ve seen bags, shoes, skirts, pants, tops, and more, covered in gorgeous, jeweled beads and patterns.

What’s the trick to looking like a million bucks when trying out this trend? Keep your embellishments strategic – a beaded skirt paired with a blouse, a boxy dress with beading or sequins, or a top with some sparkle at the collar. There’s no need to shine from head-to-toe. A little goes a long way and let’s face it, you’ll want people to notice every fine detail. 

I was excited to see that casual sporty pieces even carry some embellishment now, creating a new twist for those looking for day-to-night attire. Many of these silhouettes are more simple. The surface embellishments add a chic edge and a touch of glamour. Whether with floral embroidery or jewels on sporty sandals, bling is the new thing!

Flaunting some sparkle for Spring is a refreshing alternative to the flowy dresses and sheer tops that we see season after season. But if glamming it up isn’t your style, a special piece of jewelry will do the trick.

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Slope Style

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.38.17 AM

It’s anything but downhill for the style and comfort conscious makers of skiwear this season. Now, you can hit the slopes knowing you couldn’t be better dressed. Style and substance are coexisting like never before. Not so long ago, it was an either-or situation: either look like a Bond girl at the risk of hypothermia or go for bulky gear that wasn’t terribly sexy, but did the trick. Thankfully, the two aren’t so mutually exclusive any more and there’s now more choices than ever.

I’ve scoped out the trends to compose a list of items that can help show off your inner fashionista! in terms of both form and function. If you’re heading to the slopes for the first time this winter, this guide should cover everything you need to pack and why. If you’re a seasoned pro, stick around for the tips on how to spice up your existing skiwear.

The Jacket

Contrary to popular belief, your jacket should be light and breathable. Too often, people pack bulky jackets that 1. restrict so much movement that you’re stuck vertically gliding down the mountain and 2. hold in so much heat that you’re ready to strip it off after the first run. Don’t get me wrong, it needs to be warm but the majority of the warmth comes into play with your under-layers. In addition, it needs to be windproof to stand your speed and waterproof for, well, when you fall! Attention to detail is also important. Zippered pockets on the arm provide a place to hide that pesky ski pass and inner pockets are great for phones, sunglasses, etc. Enough with the technicality, let’s get to style.

We all know that the better you look, the better you’ll perform so why not dress the part! Bright colors are all the rage this year. Pair a colorful jacket with contrasting zippers with a slim black, white or grey pant and you’ll be on your way to ski chic. If you’re a real go-getter, you could even try the tone on tone look. My only advice would be to avoid an all red ensemble. You don’t want to be mistaken for the ski patrol!

The Pants

The days of oversized fluffy pants are out. Designers have come out with slim fitting ski pants that are both functional and flattering at the same time. Do keep in mind – there’s a fine line between slim and tight. We don’t want any pants ripping at the bum at the tail end of an enthusiastic run. Make sure you have enough wiggle room to show off your moves! Most pants come with a fleece or thermal lining, but I would recommend doubling up with an extra legging underneath. The most popular style is the slim fit flare, as they can be worn over the boot. Lastly, only because I have to say it… Please make sure your pants are waterproof! Perfect runs are never guaranteed.

The Under-layers

The No. 1 rule here is to avoid cotton, which will fail to insulate if it gets wet. Think thin thermal layers, as these will allow you to move freely when shredding down the mountain. I would start off with a tight fitting, long-sleeved top and leggings and possibly add a thin hoodie, if needed.

These layers can be just as stylish as your outerwear – don’t go all ski ninja and don solid black from head to toe. Have fun with them. After all, these can be great for lounging around the cabin on those “I’m too sore to move” days.

sweaty-betty-ski-top-and-leggingsThe Boots

The boots are the one fashion statement we unfortunately cannot make on the slopes, for obvious reasons. That’s not to say they aren’t worth investing in. You’re feet will need some serious lovin’ after a day on the move. All of the obvious rules apply: non-slip, waterproof, sturdy, warm, etc. You can choose to go more elegant with a quilted boot or make a serious statement with the oh-so popular moon boot.

The Accessories

My favorite! Accessories can either be the icing on the cake to your head-to-toe stylish ensemble, or they can be used to simply spice up your existing gear. Mittens are hot this year! See what I did there? They provide extra warmth as opposed to gloves because less surface area is exposed. They can sometimes be a bit clunky, which is where the gloves take the win. Gloves provide more mobility and they’ve even started adding tips on the index fingers so that you can easily snap a ski chic photo on your iPhone or any other touch-screen device. Mittens and gloves come in all sorts of fun colors and textures!

Thick socks are a must! It’s important to look for extra padding on areas where the feet take a beating from the ski boots, such as the toes and shins. Yes, these will be hidden on the slopes but will make you the talk of the cabin if you sport a fun, quirky pattern. You might not be the best skier, but hey – at least you’ll have the cutest socks!

And lastly – the goggles. Again, I say stick with the fun colors. Think of them as your ski shades. You wouldn’t rock just any old sunglasses at the beach, would you? Make a statement and go with a colored reflective lens or a patterned head strap. You’ll be the talk of the mountain!

Now that you have your list of necessities, get to Tanger to stock up on all of your stylish ski gear. Spring is just around the corner, so it’s sure to be on sale! Many of these pieces can be found at stores like Nike, Under Armour, Columbia and more!

Tanger Trend – Navy Blue Hues

Ahhh navy! What a best friend of a color. It’s one of the few hues that’s equally relevant all year round. Mix it with black for a modern take on a timeless shade, or pair it with fresher colors like fuchsia or a crisp white for a chic Spring look. It’s every bit as versatile as any neutral color out there, yet just a touch more complex.

Navy is foolproof and flattering for daytime or nighttime. It stripes better than any other color, and looks both classic and sharp at the same time.

Check out all of the designers that have inspired the navy effect this season. Everyone’s on board, so why not give it a try!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.42.22 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.44.08 AM

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Tanger Outlets Center in Charleston, SC. I spent the week on set of Tanger’s 2014 TV commercials (stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes post coming up soon) but was able to sneak off for a bit to scout out the navy trends. I’ve got to say – there was NO shortage of seasonal, on-trend navy merchandise and accessories. It was everywhere! Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Gap, Saks OFF 5th, J.Crew, Nine West, Michael Kors, Guess, LOFT, everywhere I turned!

Here is a sneak peek of all of my incredible finds!

You’ve seen it here, now get to Tanger to stock up on all things navy. You’ll find the best brands and the biggest savings. They never miss a beat!

Tanger Trend – It’s Date Night!


Tomorrow’s the day ladies! It’s Valentine’s Day – The one day of the year when most women’s number one objective is to impress. Whether it’s a first date or a night out with your significant other, we always put a bit more effort into making sure we look like our best selves. Today I’m sharing a few tips to help prepare your most comfortable and confident self for any date, anywhere, with anyone!

Go with a pair of flattering pants, rather than a tight cocktail dress.

Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th and will always be on February 14th. The majority of us are still battling winter weather. While there are appropriate ways to rock a winter mini, it’s not always the most comfortable look. Bottom line – When you’re going on a date, you don’t always have to wear a fancy dress, especially if the occasion isn’t fitting. If you choose to wear pants, make sure they flatter your shape! Many women get extremely caught up in the name on the label, but it’s truly the fit that matters most. Above all pieces, your pants must cater to your shape. Make sure they love you in all the right spots. Go with a solid, print, metallic or textured pant – whatever your little heart desires. The combinations of looks are endless! 

Choose pieces that won’t wrinkle.

If you’re going out with your loved one for the night, reality is you’re probably going to be sitting for a portion of it. Dressing for a specific occasion requires a little more thought than usual. It’s more than the pattern or style. Fabrics like linen and cotton wrinkle easily, as does silk. Fabrics like wool, denim, cashmere and knits tend to wrinkle less. You want to strive to look just as good at the end of the date as when it started, so keep longevity in mind.

Think twice about your shoe selection.

All women are guilty of finding a pair of heels that we can’t live without, purchasing them and setting them aside for that special night. When that night finally comes we end up worrying more about our frightful blisters and how we’re going to make it home than enjoying the quality time with our other half. This is such a big mistake ladies! If the heels aren’t right, don’t put up a fight! There are so many comfortable options out there that will make, not break your night!

At the end of the day it’s your adventure, your connection and your chemistry that should steal the show this Valentine’s Day. It’s not about the flashy, over-the-top ensemble, it’s about YOU and these tips will help you create just that.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Menswear

Dun dun dun – Menswear is back with a new edge! So many women stray away from this “borrow from the boys” trend because they claim it makes them look too masculine. If you’re one of those women, listen up! Menswear is becoming more and more wearable as designers come out with an intriguing mix of pants, blazers and button-downs while staying true to the feminine form.

The key to a woman wearing menswear inspired pieces is to keep something feminine visible. If it’s a collard shirt, unbutton the color and hide a glistening statement necklace underneath. Or wear trousers cuffed to show an ankle and heels. If you’re still timid about mixing the two looks, simply start with lipstick. I especially like red lips with this trend. It’s a classic feminine color that contrasts nicely with the monotone hues and more masculine fabrics.

When styling these looks, it’s also important to remember that not all of these pieces need to be worn together. Be sure to contrast the boxy tops, outerwear and wide-leg trousers with fitted, feminine pieces.

While it’s ok to borrow your man’s oversized attire every now and then (as seen by Giuliana Rancic below), I prefer womenswear that’s cut to looks like menswear. I wouldn’t wonder in to the men’s department quite yet. I am curious to see how this outfit came together though. Note her feminine lip and dainty gold necklace. She’s got a great start! We’ll call this look tomboy chic.


The trend is already heading for the next level as more designers are now looking into the idea of unisex. Designer Richard Nicoll, a London-based fashion designer best known for his work on modernist classics with day-to-night versatility, sees more women taking up the menswear look.

“I always think things that are genderless are a bit cooler too. It’s sexier because it’s not overt,” he says. “My clothes are for women but there’s always something masculine in there.”

I’m telling you – Head to Tanger to find the hottest looks in Menswear for this seasonal transition and don’t forget my rules:

  1. Accessorize with feminine pieces to counterbalance the masculinity
  2. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin whether it be your neck, ankles, etc.
  3. Don’t combine too many menswear pieces in one look.
  4. AND… Stay away from the actual men’s department.

Happy Shopping!

Tanger Trend – Dress Up Your Winter Whites

This season’s coolest hue doesn’t apply only to the basics, it’s also taking over the accessories circuit (and breaking a few rules in the process)! Winter white accessories are a wonderful way to take your cold weather looks from drab to fab! This neutral tone can be found everywhere at Tanger!

White can serve as a fresh burst of brightness against your dark pieces, but there’s something extremely festive and fully chic about rocking the trend from head to toe! I recommend looking for the following pieces next time you visit Tanger. They are versatile enough to get you through the winter months and can even be transitioned into spring!

As I mentioned before, I prefer pairing golds with my softer white pieces. This creates a warm and elegant feel. The most sought-after winter white accessories are both fun and classy – like these stackable bracelets. Wear them with a little black dress to a cocktail party or with your favorite oversized sweater for a casual night out.

The weather outside might be frightful, but soft woven scarfs are oh-so-delightful! Besides being ultra chic, they’ll keep your neck nice and toasty. Pair it with a warm pea coat for a trendy city look.

My favorite addition to the winter wardrobe is the white leather tote. It’s a must-have! It’ll carry just about everything you need from sun-up to sun-down and ensure many compliments in between.

All of these accessories and more can be found at your local Tanger Outlet Center. Once you have an idea of what pieces will work best with your wardrobe, go to tangeroutlets.com to download your additional coupons and get to saving! Also, don’t forget to follow me on all of your favorite social media sites for even more tips and trends throughout the year.

Happy Shopping!