Fifty Shades of Beige

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There’s no denying that the neutral coat is the must-have piece of the season. It’s so fabulous that its comeback has sparked a neutral revolution. Designers debuted their subtle sensations on the runways and the neutral trend was immediately coined one of the most “wearable” of the season.

To style 100% neutral looks, you must have a keen sense of color and tone, and an even greater ability to pair textures. Styling shades of putty, khaki, toffee and pebble with warm fall hues is one thing, but styling them head-to-toe is another.

Below are a few Fall street styles that prove neutrals are anything but boring!






Which of these looks are you going to try this season? Comment below and let me know!

Regal Fashions At Their Finest

When I think of regal fashions, I immediately think of the stunning celebrities that grace red carpets in designer gowns made from the most exquisite fabrics with innate detail from head-to-toe. I (like the rest of the fashion loving world) try to catch every red carpet each year and make note of my favorite looks. While I would love to look like these celebs on a day-to-day basis, I do not have the budget or the style team for that matter. AND there’s that whole you can’t wear a gown to the grocery store rule… Whoever came up with that one was a little off their rocker, in my opinion.

With that said, rules are rules and gowns only remain acceptable at formal events. Below I’ve taken three of my favorite regal red carpet looks from 2015 and pulled items that will hopefully inspire you to recreate similar everday outfits. Whether it be the color, the fabric or the accessories, each of the following looks are sure to make you feel like a queen.


Look No. 1 – Rita Ora

Rita Ora does it again at the 2015 Oscars. It was impossible to keep your eyes off of her in this navy blue gown with gold embellishments. She was the definition of glam and sophistication on the red carpet. It’s almost as if she was channeling royalty with her polished hair/makeup and calm demeanor. The color combination of navy and gold is what brings this look together and can easily be recreated at home.


Look No. 2 – Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren stole the show at the 2015 Tony Awards is this draped sleeve, lace dress, fit for a queen. The lace with a bit of shimmer paired with the delicate embroidery at the neckline and around the waist was so extremely elegant. She also nailed the lip color, wearing a soft purple which is the most regal color of all. Pair rich lips with lace dresses at home for a regal look of your own.


 Look No. 3 – Camila Alves

Purple, purple, purple! Camila Alves was EVERYTHING in this velvet purple gown at the 2015 SAG Awards. Helen kept it subtle with the purple lip, but Camila had no fear rocking it from head-to-toe. Velvet is also one of the most recognized regal fabrics in the world of fashion. It takes every piece up a notch on the “I’m so fancy” scale. Pair your purples with glamorous gems this fall to create your own regal reality.

Which look is your favorite? Comment below and let me know. Also, let’s chat about how you’re going to create a few regal looks of our own this season. I’m always here to help!

Boho from Head-to-Toe

Boho-chic is a trend influenced by bohemian and hippie styles from decades past. While it’s not the newest look on the block this season, it’s being reinvented in some fabulous ways! Because this can be a tricky style to embrace or pull off sometimes, I’ve jotted down a few tips and tricks to achieving the perfect boho look. The goal here is to put together an eclectic outfit without giving off that sloppy hippie vibe. We’ve all seen it down wrong… Here’s how to do it right!

Boho Style Tips

boho layers

Tip No. 1 – Learn how to layer

The number one thing women do wrong when putting together a boho look is to go overboard with the layers. You don’t want to look like the fashion mongrel swallowed you whole. This is especially important for those that are shorter or more petite. Keep it chic by mixing oversized pieces with tailored or fitted pieces. Here are the three don’ts to remember when looking in the mirror – Don’t draw all of the attention away from your beautiful face, don’t make your frame look stumpy and don’t make any areas of your body look bulky.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.05.50 PM

Tip No. 2 – Stick to earthy colors

Most boho color palettes are rich, warm and earthy. Think brown, cream, white, olive, etc. Start here and build on the color with deeper, richer colors like deep reds or purples. Golds also make for great boho accents. Just remember to keep it simple. The fewer the colors the better!

boho personality

Tip No. 3 – Show off your personality 

Many people think styling a boho look seems more like dressing up and that shouldn’t be the case. You can still look edgy and chic, without feeling completely uncomfortable. Blend boho pieces with items that you wear everyday. For example, toss on a great fringe sweater with your go-to wide leg or bell bottom jeans – You know, the super flattering ones you’ve had for years! This trend should be effortless.

boho embroidery

Tip No. 4 – Pay attention to detail 

You don’t have to break the bank to invest in boho chic styles. Instead, look for staple items or comfortable pieces that have awesome detail. It can be a funky top, embroidered scarf, fringe leather boho bag, big bangles or gladiator heels. Again you can mix these with pieces you already own and be a boho beauty in no time!

boho accessories

Tip No. 5 – Step up the accessory game

Boho accessories are my favorite! Many of them are inspired by nature, featuring either a feather, an owl or an awesome earthy gemstone of some sort. Wearing natural materials or shapes at least inspired by nature will add to the boho effect. Keep in mind that the layering rules also apply to accessories – stacking dainty pieces are fine but don’t go to big or bulky.

So, there you have it! These 5 simple tips will help you create the perfect boho look this Fall. Snap a photo of your favorite boho outfit and share it with me below or on your favorite social media channel using #TangerStyleMaker. I would love to see what you come up with! Just remember to stay true to you. Unique is the most beautiful trend there is.

Happy shopping!

Chic Office Attire for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to spice up or remix your work wardrobe. Most office ready pieces are staples you can wear with other, more trendy looks as well, so they are definitely worth the investment. While the basics will get you a long way, it’s important to dress for YOU at the office and not for the environment. Don’t be afraid to channel your inner fashionista and pick up a few noteworthy statement pieces. After all, the way you look definitely affects the way you feel and we all need a little extra confidence boost when headed into the boardroom. Here’s a short list of trendy office pieces that you should keep an eye out for this Fall.

  1. Chic Loafers – Yes, they do exist!
  2. Large Patterned Skirts
  3. Jeweled Blouses
  4. Statement Slacks

I’ve rounded up a few examples of these wear-to-work necessities for Fall. Let me know what you think!

Happy Shopping!

Summer to Fall Transition Tips

It’s a little too soon for turtlenecks, but also too late to keep tossing on the tank tops. We are smack dab in the middle of that awkward transitional period in seasonal fashion, but I’m here to help! I would encourage you to not pack up your Summer pieces just yet, because with a few simple styling tricks I can help you take your favorite warm-weather staples straight into Fall. With a little help from my friend, Pinterest, I’ve pulled looks to showcase 4 of my summer staples – black leather shorts, a white blazer, classic jumpsuit and of course a sundress styled for both Summer and Fall. ALL of these can work from season to season! Check out how…



Black leather shorts were my go-to fun and funky piece this Summer and they can have the same effect for Fall. It really doesn’t get much easier than this! All you have to do is wear them over an opaque pair of tights, your favorite booties, layer on an oversized knit sweater, add a felt hat and you’ve got the trendiest Fall look on the streets. And, I bet you already have the majority of these additional items already in your closet.



It’s super easy to extend the life of your white Summer blazer. I wear blazers more casually during the Summer months anyway, so dressing them up a bit in the Fall makes for a simple transition. It takes little work, in fact all you have to do is change up the color palette beneath. I love pairing whites and creams with really warm, rich neutrals in the cooler months. It’s different. I love it!



The classic jumpsuit (usually done in black) was atop every fashionistas wish list this Summer. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one you love, you surely don’t want to pack it up yet. All you have to do to make this look work season after season is change up the shoe, add an open toe bootie or even a thick lace-up shoe for Fall and add a little bit of drama with a great textured coat or sweater.



Last but not least, there’s the simple sundress. It’s a Summer essential and being that you probably have a number of these that you rotated throughout the Summer months, packing them up might leave a pretty big hole in your closet. Instead, just toss on your favorite Fall coat (I love the army jacket) and a pair of stylish boots or booties. As it gets cooler, just continue to add layers – tights, sweaters, scarves, they all make great compliments to the simple sundress.

I hope these have helped you figure out how to elongate the life of your favorite seasonal pieces. Comment below and let me know if you have any questions about how to rework something in your closet. I’m here to help!

City Slicker Styles

The City Slicker fashionista is bold and daring. She dresses to make a statement, a strong and commanding statement. She doesn’t accessorize much, but when she does it’s done with precision. Sharp silhouettes and contrasting details are her jam. She’s all about contrasting colors (usually black and white) but ties in gold and silver for a subtle but impactful look. The City Slicker fashionista is edgy and oh-so confident in her style.

Does this sound like you, or the style icon you strive to be? Below, I’ve highlighted my favorite City Slicker pieces from some of Tanger’s edgiest brands. Some of these pieces can be worn together to create a sleek City Slicker look and others can be easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe to provide just a touch of sass. Check them out and let me know what you think!


This knee-length, stripped dress from Forever21 might be considered a more casual City Slicker piece, but it still deserves its few minutes of fame. It’s bold enough to wear alone with a pair of black and white flatforms, but simple enough to pair with a great leather bootie and even a kick-butt moto jacket (see below).

Wilson's Leather

The black leather motorcycle jacket (this one from Wilsons Leather) is the quintessential piece for the City Slicker fashionista. When going for rough but refined street style, all you need to do is toss this sucker on! You can pair it with casual dresses or the most structured pant looks. I don’t know what I would do without mine!


If you’re anything like me, you live for the days you get to rock all black. These high-waisted pants with button accents at the hips from Forever 21 make the look super sassy! Toss on the black moto jacket above and you’re ready to dominate the city scene in style.

Nine West

All great looks require bold accessories, but remember… City Slicker looks don’t call for much, so don’t over do it. Stick to a contrasting clutch or a mid-sized, monochrome handbag. Don’t go too big, as you don’t want to take away from the outfit. I love the little bit of detail on this Nine West clutch. The chains add to the City Slicker appeal too!
Nine West

No woman’s closet is complete without a classic black leather bootie, so why not put them to good use. I guarantee they’ll go with almost any City Slicker look you attempt. Dresses, skirts, jumpers, trousers, shorts, you name it… These guys will take you miles. If you’re looking for a new pair, check out Nine West. They’re bootie central right now.

Saks OFF 5th

And because I adore shoes (as all women do), I will feature them twice. These Chinese Laundry sandals from Saks OFF 5th are a steal and would make a great summer City Slicker shoe. The contrasting detail and the thick ankle strap make it super bold, sure to turn heads. And let’s not forget to mention the thick heel which adds a few points for comfort.


As I mentioned, the City Slicker fashionista doesn’t accessorize much. But, when she does it’s sleek and simple. These gunmetal stoned drop earring from H&M will add just enough shine to your look to dress it up without going overboard. They’re tough chic meets simple glam!

Like what you see, but need help coming up with ideas of how to piece together the perfect City Slicker outfit? CLICK HERE to view my City Slicker Pinterest board for some awesome pinspiration!

Happy Styling!

Fall for Fabulous Footwear

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE shoe season! It’s full of classic styles like boots and booties but also not-so-ordinary styles like open toe mules and chunky suede heels. In addition to scoping out all of the new looks for the season, I also get excited about scoring those last few pairs of summer sandals on sale. That’s a deal I can always count on in late August, early September.

Aside from the shoe styles themselves, I love the unconventional pairings of fall shoes and fashions. It’s the one season when it’s socially acceptable to rock your favorite summer dress with a fall bootie or a mini skirt with a pair of over-the-knee boots. There are few rules when it comes to styling fall looks and in my book, the more interesting the shoe choice the better. I love it when people say, “Oh wow, I never would have thought of wearing those two pieces together but it totally works!” Music to my ears!

Below are a few of my favorite fall looks with extremely fun shoe choices!

Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let’s chat about how to style some of your favorite fall outfits, incorporating your fabulous footwear of course!

How to Style Suede

Suede made a sneaky move this year, creeping into our summer wardrobes and as usual, it’s sticking around for fall. Because it has been more of a transitional style this year, the fabrics are much lighter and move with ease. You won’t find any of the stuffy, stiff looks like we’ve seen in the past. I’m super excited to continue styling my favorite suede pieces in the cooler months to come.

If you are a suede fanatic like me, you might have noticed it taking over the racks and making guest appearances in some of your favorite window displays. EVERYONE is jumping on board and I love it! You can find everything from suede separates, wide-legged pants, skirts, crop tops, light coats, shorts, boots, bags and even suede accessories. Ahh… it makes my heart melt!

What’s so special about suede in 2015? Color! Taupe and khaki suede staples are definitely still needed, but this season we’re diving into color. You’ll find purples, deep blues, mustard and even pastel suedes this fall.

If you’re new to the suede scene, I would recommend investing in three solid staples – A suede skirt, dress and knee-high boots. These are all seasonal staples that will get you through to next year, when suede makes its oh-so-welcomed debut again. Below are some of my favorite looks using these three pieces. The styling options are endless and as you can see, they can be worn in warmer and cooler weather. Just take a moment to swoon over these beautiful looks!

Suede Skirt 1

Suede Skirt 3

Suede Skirt 2

Suede Dress 1

Suede Dress 2

Suede dress 3

Suede boots 1Suede boots 2

Suede boots 3

Do you have a favorite look? Comment below and let’s chat about how to create the perfect suede outfit for you. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Back-to-School Fashions

Tanger BTS

Can you believe it’s already August? Back-to-school sales are already in full swing, which means it’s time to stock up on all of this years must have fashions.

Ladies and gents that are gearing up for the big day, listen up! My one important piece of advice for the first week of school is DON’T GIVE IT ALL AWAY ON THE FIRST DAY! Don’t put all your time (and money) into a fabulous outfit for the first day and then slack off Tuesday – Friday. I challenge you to shop in a way that allows you to rework certain pieces and put together effortless looks each and every day of the week. If you’re really going for the “Most likely to be featured in Vogue” superlative this year, take this challenge on all year-long! I promise, it really is doable. You just have to think about it… probably the night before instead of in the shower the morning of.

Styling for school really is pretty simple. Elaborating on my “first week” advice, here are a few other things to keep in mind while shopping for back-to-school fashions.

Comfort is key – but keep it classy

It’s more possible than ever to fuse comfort and style this season with the oh so popular “Sporty Chic” trend. Pair your favorite graphic tee with a cute maxi skirt. Toss on your all black Nike’s with a dress or nice skinny jeans, or rock the jogger pant with a nice blouse and a bucket bag. The options are endless and oh so cozy!

Load up on the layers

We all know that those classrooms can be pretty chilly. Instead of just grabbing a jacket out of the coat closet on your way out the door, think about it beforehand. Style a light cardigan over your favorite dress and belt it. Or slip a great textured sweater over a structured button down. This way, you’ll remain stylish all day long instead of just covering up your hard work as soon as you get the goose bumps.

Shoes are everything

Don’t toss on the flip-flops or sneakers with every look. There are tons of comfortable and stylish options out there this season. Stock up on great flats (bright colors and fun prints), go crazy and try slides or flatforms, or pick up a pair of booties with some fringe. A great shoe can make a very simple look extraordinary!

Embrace a statement bookbag

Gone are the days of the traditional, athletic backpack. Style your look with a great leather tote or bucket bag. Consider it an extension of your style… not just a way to carry your notebooks.

Back-to-school shopping should be fun! Come to Tanger to find all of the staples mentioned above and so much more. Share your back-to-school looks with me on Instagram using #TangerStyle for a chance to be featured on Tanger’s page. We would love to share you style with the world.

Happy shopping!

Tanger Outlets Grand Rapids Grand Opening

ST Ribbon Cutting

There are not enough words to describe the energy in the air at the grand opening of the brand spankin’ new Tanger Outlets in Grand Rapids, MI. I had the honor of traveling to Michigan to take part in the many exciting grand opening events and I must say, it was an experience to remember. Tanger Outlets prides itself on the shopping experience and let me tell you… You were not let down if you were in attendance.

For those coming to shop, you found regular discounts of up to 70% OFF plus additional grand opening and TangerStyle Fall savings. For those looking to be a part of the buzz, you could be spotted among the whose who of West Michigan including TV personalities, celebrity stylists and more. And for those looking to take part in the grand opening celebration, there was the grandiose ribbon cutting ceremony, a guest appearance from Jonathan & Drew Scott of HGTV’s Property Brothers, opportunities to win big at the Tanger Dream Cloud, Tanger Dream Closet and more… Excitement was certainly in the air.

My favorite part about traveling to each of our fabulous Tanger Outlet centers is the opportunity to meet with our incredible shoppers. They truly are the best! I was lucky enough to surprise multiple shoppers at the register and pay for their purchases, just as a small thank you for coming out to celebrate Tanger’s new home in Grand Rapids. With these surprises came the opportunity to learn where they were from, why they were visiting Tanger, what they were on the hunt for and so much more about their Tanger story – each one unique. Below are a few snapshots of some of the lucky shoppers.

Bri and Shopper 1

Bri and Shopper 2

Stay tuned for a short video documenting my time in Grand Rapids and featuring our super sneaky surprises! Let’s just say, if you see a chic in heels strutting her stuff around Tanger armed with a gift card in hand, watch out – I’m coming for ya!

If you live in the area, I would strongly encourage you to stop by Tanger as soon as you can! The deals right now are unbeatable! Comment below and tell me about your grand opening experience. Did you get a chance to meet the property brothers? Were you one of our lucky, surprised shoppers? I want to hear all about your Tanger experience…

Happy Shopping!

Live in Technicolor

The colors of the rainbow lit up the runways for summer 2015 and the multicolor creations did not disappoint. From head-to-toe primaries to the bright accents you could see from afar, designers showcased once again that color is for all! The colors this summer are bold and painterly, offering strong and soft sides for anyone interested. Technicolor looks have no limits. Wear them all at once or as accents throughout the summer. Either way, you’re sure to radiate pure joy and happiness!

Styling these bright, beautiful and bold pieces will make you feel like a piece of art. I mentioned it when we touched on yellow “shades of the sun” in spring, but color truly can be worn by all, only if you take the right approach. Learn what shades work with your skin tone and embrace them.

Below are some of may favorite technicolor looks, worn by the fashionistas of fashion weeks around the world. All it takes is a little inspiration from those with street style to look like you stepped off of a runway everyday… Girls, start taking notes!

Have a favorite look in mind? Head to Tanger Outlets and find everything you need to recreate these stunning technicolor ensambles. Happy Shopping!

Summer Handbags | Oh The Options!

Are you looking for the perfect summer bag? Well, I’m your girl! Handbags are the ultimate summer accessory. You can make a statement with a bright or multicolor option or keep it clean and fresh with whites and light neutrals. They also come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, textures, etc. This season’s hottest handbags are sure to give your wardrobe a unique twist!

My favorite styles this year include the bucket bag, crossbody, classic clutch and of course the tote or carryall. I’ve scouted all of my favorite finds from some of the top Tanger Outlets brands. Check them out below and let me know which one you’ll be on the lookout for!

Happy Shopping!

How To Style Culottes

So, you’ve been doing a little soul searching and you’ve finally made the decision to purchase a pair of culottes. It’s ok, you don’t have to be an early adopter to be able to hold your own in the fashion arena. Now that you have them in hand, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to style them!

Culottes have all the benefits of the perfect pants, but without the tailoring. The voluminous bottoms are easy to wear with a flattering hemline and versatile shape. They can be dressed up with a pair of feminine heels or down with fun “flatforms” or a pair of chic sneakers. Here are some of my favorite culotte looks, as seen on the streets of fashion week around the globe.

Which look is your favorite? Comment and let me know!



Happy Shopping!

Last Minute 4th of July Inspiration

The 4th of July is all about celebrating your American pride, soaking up the sun and taking advantage of those extra moments to spend with friends and family. But, we all know that with all of this comes the added stress of finding the perfect outfit. Choosing the perfect combo of red, white and blue can be a pretty daunting task… especially if you’re attempting to stray away from the cliché american flag apparel.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite looks incorporating a refined mix of our patriotic color palette and of course noted where to find each piece at Tanger Outlets. Take a peek and let me know what you think!

Look No. 1

Look No. 2

Look No. 3

Look No. 4

What do you have planned to wear for the 4th of July? Share your looks below!

How To Rock Summer Hats

It’s summer time ladies – My heart is so full of sunshine it could burst! In addition to my overall happy mood during the summer months, I also feel like I can take a few extra fashion risks. Whose going to judge a chic, casual, beachy look? After all, they’re supposed to look fashionably relaxed. One of those not-so-risks… summer hats!

I recently visited the Tanger Outlets near one of my favorite summer vacation spots and a came away with well, a few too many hats than my summer wardrobe could handle. So, I went back and picked up a few extra clothing items that would help piece together my “hat outfits.” Don’t judge… A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

I’ve collected some Pinspiration to share with you on all the different ways to wear your favorite summer hat(s). Whether you’re into fedoras, trendy panama hats, or wide-brim floppy hats, there is something for everyone. Plus, this cool accessory shades your face and eyes from the bright sun and helps protect your hair. You really can’t go wrong!

Here are my TOP 10 favorite hat looks for Summer 2015

Summer Hat

1. The chic black jumpsuit with a casual Panama hat.

Summer Hat

2. The understated, yet fashionable travel look with a straw fedora.

Summer Hat

3. The effortless floral sundress with a token black floppy hat.

Summer Hat

4. The ultimate free bird look with linen pants and a loose white tee.

Summer Hat

5. The casual “Gap” look with that hat you’ll transition into Fall.

Summer Hat

6. Nautical perfection – The cotton stripped dress with a simple boater hat.

Summer Hat

7. The statement printed pants look… comfortable, yet sophisticated.

Summer Hat

8. The stylish skinnies and tank look for running summer errands.

Summer Hat

9. The playful graphic tee with a classic fedora.

Summer Hat

10. Summer’s must-have white sundress with sleek felt Panama hat.

Now go take advantage of the summer sales and find one you love at your nearest Tanger Outlets.

Happy Shopping!

Top 5 Summer Essentials

It’s finally here, the list you’ve been waiting for! Here are the top 5 absolute must-haves for Summer 2015!

Saks OFF 5th

No. 1 – Your Chic Carryall

Summer carryall totes are super practical and an easy way to add color or texture to your summer accessory collection. They’re perfect for the work week and transition easily into bags for your weekend getaways when you really don’t know what you’ll need on hand. Carry all your essentials in style!


No. 2 – The Go-to Gladiator Sandals

Powerful and pretty gladiator sandals are the coolest shoe of the season. The deity-derived sandal fits anywhere you want it… Wear them with a white linen dress or a pair of ripped denim shorts and you’re instantly Cali cool. I actually prefer the term Goddess Chic – What do you think?

Banana Republic

No. 3 – The Token White Skinnies

What is that you say? You already have a pair of white skinnies. Well, get more! You can never have too many pairs of this iconic summer staple. Bleach will only get you so far! Try a new cut this year, maybe pick up a distressed pair and add a fun summer sneaker. The options are endless, but picking up that extra pair… Not an option!

Ann Taylor

No. 4 – A Versatile Pendant Necklace

Give the statement necklace a much-needed break this summer and pick up a few simple, long pendant necklaces. Subtle jewels are making a huge comeback this season as they make an easy addition to any summer look! Not to mention, they’re easy to pack and tote from one beach destination to the next.

Saks OFF 5th

No. 5 – Your Favorite One-shoulder Dress

The one-shoulder dress is back and better than ever. Trust me, they’ve received a solid upgrade since the early 2000s. It’s the perfect trend for those not comfortable with the deep-Vs or high slits. This summer is all about showing off the shoulder, so let’s embrace it!

These items are in high demand, so don’t wait long. Head to Tanger Outlets today and take your pick from the incredible selection of trendy, summer merchandise. Come back and tell me all about it… I want to know what you got and how you plan to wear it!

Happy Shopping!

5 Waist Slimming Summer Fashions

picstitch (7)

Waist defining details stole the spotlight on the Spring/Summer 2015 runways. The hourglass figure is making a comeback!

I don’t know about you, but my most important outfit goal will always be to flatter my figure. Luckily, the designers are on the same page this season and have provided fashionable options to show off (or create) a woman’s waist.

The following 5 tips and tricks are smart ways to show off your shape without losing an inch.


Yes, I know… Belts are the obvious solution for defining a woman’s waist. This trick works for those wanting to appear slimmer or those who lack a waist all together and need to create the illusion that one exists. For either woman, I recommend wrapping the belt around your true waist (not letting it rest on your hips). This will ensure that your body looks well proportioned and add to the hourglass effect.


Stella McCartney made color blocking a tool rather than a trend after creating a dress made of two contrasting colors, one down the center of the dress and one at the sides creating a slimming shadow effect. It was genius!


Most women fear peplums, but the key is how they fit. In order to show off the waist, the peplum must come from the smallest part of your midsection. Otherwise you risk awkward proportions. Avoid fuller bottoms when rocking peplum tops. Compliment the look with well-fitting skinny jeans or a slim pencil skirt.


Wrap dresses first hit the scene in the 1970s by designer Diane von Furstenburg and have essentially never gone out of style. They’re comfortable, simple and of course universally flattering with a built-in belt or sash that cinches at the waist, tieing the dress together. They’re just perfect!


Printed skirts or pants paired with a neutral top trick the eye and draw attention to the waist, making it appear smaller. Prints, even if fitted create the illusion of volume which if done right can create a well-balanced figure.

And there they are… the 5 tips to making your waist appear smaller. Keep these ideas in mind next time you shop at Tanger Outlets and please feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns regarding this summer trend.

Happy Shopping!

Embrace the Cold Shoulder

How To Wear Military Greens

Military styles are sizzling this summer! This is a trend that has transformed itself from season to season over the last 3-5 years. Luckily, we finally get to see the lighter side of this somewhat masculine look this summer. Visit Tanger Outlets in the coming weeks and you’ll find an endless selection of camo prints, army green hues, structured garments, utility jackets and more!

After seeing this fashionable, yet utilitarian trend on the spring/summer runways, bloggers and editors quickly became obsessed with its new feminine spin and versatility. The olive hue pairs perfectly with brighter summer colors and adds an interesting tone to grey and black basics. So, whether you looking to make a statement this or simply be on trend in a more subtle way military greens are for you!

If you’re looking for creative ways to style military greens into your wardrobe, start with the following items.


Military greens are being considered a new neutral this season, which means they can be paired with almost anything. When looking towards those summer jeans, opt for an olive-toned tailored pant, skinny jeans or casual cargo pants instead. There are a number of different options for various body types. I mentioned before that this trend is taking a feminine spin this summer, so feel free to pair your military inspired pants with a pair of fun heels, delicate metallic sandals or fashionable flats.

Military Green Bottoms


Jackets, while not necessarily known to be a hot summer necessity are a great way to subtly tie in this military trend. I plan on pulling out my olive-green army jacket any time I would usually grab my go-to denim one. After a while, I anticipate the military jacket will become my favorite! During the summer months, these jackets can be worn over sundresses, maxi-dresses, casual t-shirts or even a chiffon blouse. You could even toss it on over a comfy cotton dress and pair it with fun sneakers for a super trendy look.

Military Green Jackets


Accessories are always the easiest way to work specific trends into your wardrobe. There are tons of great olive-toned pieces out there right now that will be sure and keep your look feminine. Grab a military inspired summer scarf, hat or purse for that “tough chic” feel. I am also a fan on the camo slide on tennis shoe for summer… just be sure to keep it subtle. If the accessory or shoe wants to steal the show, let it!

Military Green Accessories

When you’re out shopping for your new military green looks, be sure to tag @TangerOutlets on Facebook or Twitter and use #TangerStyle to show off your new favorite finds. Happy Shopping!

Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods Grand Opening

Here’s to another Tanger Outlets Grand Opening in the books! I was so thrilled to be invited to my second Grand Opening event of the year. This visit, oh so different from the first in Savannah, GA. Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods is the first development linked to a casino and first indoor shopping mall in the United States. This made for quite an exciting shopping experience!



Tanger Outlets hosted a beautiful gala event on the eve of the Grand Opening, giving attendees the opportunity to shop before the crowds the next day. CEO and President of Tanger Outlets, Steve Tanger gave the welcoming remarks and seemed just as excited as the rest of us for this much-anticipated opening. This exclusive event was appreciated by all!


The morning of the Grand Opening, I had the opportunity to make a quest appearance on NBC Connecticut News and WNTH’s CTStyle to talk summer fashion, fun and savings! Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods has over 80 incredible brand name stores, many new to the Connecticut market. I was excited to share this news with the locals and of course share a few tips and tricks to styling for the summer months.







Once I returned back to the resort, It was time to shop and explore all of the incredible Grand Opening events. I attended the design-on-a-dime workshop, hosted by Jonathan and Drew Scott of The Property Brothers, grabbed a bite to eat at the VIP brunch, visited the Tanger Instagram lounge to take a selfie or two, entered the Like It or Love It sweepstakes to win a fabulous summer bag and matching heels, stopped by the $10,000 Tanger Dream closet (and yes entered to win for a second time) and more! It was a jam-packed day full of fun and fashion!






After making my way through the center and experiencing all of the exciting weekend events, it was time to shop. The savings are always great at Tanger Outlets, but nothing compares to the sales that were being held this week. 50% OFF entire stores, BOGO shoes, you name it! The savings were unmatched.



The Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods Grand Opening was an unbeatable experience. Now, please excuse me while I try to squeeze all of new purchases into my suitcase!


Happy Shopping!

Blue & White Summer Fashions

Black and white can be a little stark for summer, so I like to mix it up with blue and white fashions instead. It’s more subtle and provides a fresh feel for those hot summer months. Plus, the color combo simply evokes summer with hues of the blue seas mixed with crisp white cottons and linens.

Blue is the most versatile and flattering of all colors. There is a shade that suits everyone, from vibrant turquoise, pastel or ice blue, indigo to navy… You can’t go wrong! When it’s hot, there’s nothing easier than pairing your favorite or most flattering shade with cool whites – a striped shirt, shorts and sandals, a linen shift dress with espadrilles or your favorite seersucker look.

Here are some of my favorite blue and white street styles. I’ve taken notes and will be recreating more than one of these looks with pieces from Tanger Outlets in the coming weeks. You can do the same!

Take a mental picture (or simply pull up from your phone) and head to Tanger Outlets for all of the season’s top notch blue and white fashions for reasonable prices! You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like you did. Feel free to comment below or touch base via your favorite social media network with questions on styling your new look.

Happy shopping!

Fuse Comfort & Style with Denim

For those of you who adore wearing denim all of the time, you’re in luck! Designers made it very evident this year that there is a denim look for every occasion. Not to mention, jeans themselves have been taken to an entirely new level. This season’s denim is all about reinterpreting an old classic in fresh ways.

Have you checked out your denim collection lately? If you’re anything like me, it’s time for an update! I used to purchase denim pieces every blue moon because they always lasted for so long. Luckily they’re still lasting just as long, but there is now an endless selection of different styles and ways to wear it. So, venture out to Tanger Outlets and pick up some of these noteworthy denim pieces for this season (and many seasons to come).

From a subtle ’70s flare that lends denim a much wider silhouette, to the brand-new take on the relaxed boyfriend fit, here are a few staples to look for that will make you stand apart from the rest.







Similar pieces can be found at the following stores: Saks OFF 5th, Banana Republic Factory Store, Gab Factory Store, PacSun, J.Crew Factory and Charlotte Russe Outlet. Comment below with any questions – I would be happy to help you style your new denim look!

Happy Shopping!

Experience Sheers

Ok, so I admit I’ve said it a few times already this season but the sheer/translucent look is arguably my favorite Spring trend. There’s definitely a tasteful and not so tasteful way to rock this see through trend, so feel free to reach out (cough, cough, comment below) with any questions you may have about how to pull it off. I shared with our Instagram followers that I prefer to wear sheer tops over base pieces like a camisole. I also like buying pieces with subtle translucent accents around the neck, waistline and even hemlines. These details can make even the most structured and sophisticated piece look soft and feminine.

Check out the video below for a few extra tips on perfecting this beautiful trend and a behind the scenes look at our TangerStyle Spring photoshoot in NYC!

Now go stock up on your sheers – Happy Shopping!

How to Reinvent the Polo Shirt

The humble polo shirt of the ’90s is back and better than ever. I honestly never thought I would be so happy for a comeback, but here I am jumping for joy! Coming in a close second to the white t-shirt, polo style shirts are the quintessential wardrobe staple. Can you tell I’m a comfort first kind of girl?

Designers and fashionistas alike have proven that this iconic top can be dressed up or down in a number of different ways. They’re also readily available in more fabrics and showcase more detail than ever before. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against the classic polo look inspired by the one and only Ralph Lauren, I’m just here to show you that this hot spring commodity is so much more than the go-to for golf pros, prep-school kiddos or suburban dads.

Below are a number of classic and contemporary styled polo looks, compliments of Tanger Outlets on Pinterest. Comment below and let me know which looks are your favorite and how you plan to reinvent this comeback trend.

To find these looks and more, visit our Pinterest page @TangerOutlets. You’re sure to find tons of pinspiration for your next classic polo ensemble.

Happy shopping… or shall I say happy pinning!

Savannah, GA Grand Opening Celebrations

The much-anticipated opening of the brand new Tanger Outlets in Savannah, GA took place Thursday, April 16th and ran through Sunday, April 19th. The weekend was full of fun, fashion, fireworks and more. I have a feeling the excitement for this center is not going to die down anytime soon and luckily for the Savannah shoppers, the center isn’t going anywhere!

I was extremely excited to travel to my favorite southern coastal destination to experience an endless list of brand name stores and additional grand opening savings. While the humidity might have gotten the best of my locks, there was no raining on our parade! Check out all of the incredible events and activities that Tanger Outlets so kindly hosted on grand opening weekend.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Ribbon Cutting

The fun-filled day of festivities began with a ribbon cutting ceremony, where we had the chance to learn all about the development from Mr. Steven B. Tanger himself. We also enjoyed a guest appearance from Jonathan and Drew Scott from The Property Brothers on HGTV. The event was a huge hit and drew hundreds of shoppers in first thing in the morning.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Southern Scene

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Natalie Hendrix


After the ribbon cutting ceremony I made my way over to the Tanger Dream Closet where I met with Natalie Hendrix of The Southern Scene. We recorded multiple segments for the show covering everything from Spring and Summer fashions to the perfect Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts… All from Tanger Outlets of course! After we wrapped, we had a few surprise visitors. I guess the Scott brothers wanted to see the Tanger Dream Closet for themselves!

Tanger Outlets Savannah_The Property Brothers

There was buzz about an Instagram Lounge all morning long, so I had to go check it out. It was the perfect chance to rest and recharge “TangerStyle” and I even got in a few Tanger selfies before I left. I was also able to see my photos on the TangerStyle wall of fame after using hashtag #GoTanger.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Instagram Lounge

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Relax & Recharge

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Selfie 1

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Selfie 2

Tanger Outlets Savannah_GoTanger

Right around the corner from the Instagram Lounge was the Tanger Dream Cloud of Savings. Now this, I could get used to! Shoppers were invited to stand beneath the Tanger Dream Cloud and simply tweet a message using #TangerDream. As soon as they published their tweet a coupon literally came falling from the sky! It doesn’t get much better than that. It was raining savings all day long.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Tanger Cloud of Savings

The next station caught my eye from the other end of the center. Tanger displayed 4 designer bags and allowed shoppers the opportunity to vote “Like It or Love It” for a chance to win the bag… The exact bag they had been drooling over all day, at least in my case! I don’t think I won this one, but it was definitely worth the try!

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Like It or Love It

Last but not least, I entered for a chance to win a $10,000 Dream Closet from The Closet & Cabinet Experts and $4,500 in Tanger cash. I’ve yet to receive news on this one either, but I’m sure the lucky winner will enjoy all the perks of having their own dressing suite! What an incredible giveaway.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Dream Closet

It was at exhilarating day at Tanger Outlets Savannah. I hope to be back very soon!

Tanger Outlets Savannah

As for now… Happy Shopping! I’ll see you in Foxwoods, CT.

Spotted – Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

Our feet get a break this spring! It’s time to clean out the unworn shoes sitting idle in your closet and incorporate a little streetwear sole into your look. From animal-print high-tops to graphic slip-ons, designers have come out with an endless selection of sneakers that are commuter-chic. Here are some of the comfiest shoes spotted at Fashion Weeks around the world. What do you think about this edgy spring trend?

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

Comment and let us know which of these looks is your favorite and how you think you’ll try to pull of this fun spring trend.

Happy Shopping!

Get To Know The Spring Palette

Pantone Spring 2015

Spring 2015 will be full of hues like Lucite Green, Tangerine and Toasted Almond. We all have our favorite (mine is Aquamarine) or know which ones flatter us best, but what do our favorite colors really say about us? Real Simple discloses what your clothes would reveal, if they could talk of course!

Aquamarine, Scuba Blue & Classic Blue

Blues are the world’s most preferred colors, as it conjures the sky and sea. These elements are calming and evoke trust and dependability.


Orange is the child of yellow and red and takes on the traits of both colors, but with a little less intensity. Fans of the orange hues are said to be enthusiastic, warm, and gregarious.


Shades of red are eye-catching and signal extroverted, assertive dispositions.


Yellows are evocative of sunshine and roaring fires. It indicates a cheerful, energizing personality. People gravitate to those that like yellow.

Toasted Almond

Browns, nudes and other neutrals denote a down-to-earth attitude. These people appear relaxed but are also reliable and responsible.

Glacier Gray

This stone hue projects coolness and composure. You are the rock that others rely on… Se what they did there.

Lucite Green

Green is serene. The balance of warm and cool tones also suggests stability and approachability.

Strawberry Ice

This beautiful shade of red or rose has a tranquilizing effect, which explains why pink-loving people are thought to be romantic, gentle, and sweet.

Now that you understand what your favorite colors say and you, head to Tanger Outlets and stock up on all that you can find in the many shades of spring!

Happy Shopping!

How To Style an All White Look

Knowing how to wear an all white outfit will help you pull off the season’s hottest trend. See [Tips and Tricks to Wearing All White] for advice on how to shop for the perfect all white pieces at Tanger Outlets.

Check out the look I styled at Tanger Outlets in Charleston, SC for our #TangerStyle Spring morning show Appearance on LowCountry Live. It was fresh, delicate and feminine and the best part – Each piece can be reworked to create a number of other spring looks!


I started with my favorite pair of skinny ankle jeans from J.Crew Factory. They are the perfect spring staple, a great fit and as comfortable as ever! You can wear them casually or dress them up like I’ve done here.


I pulled in texture with this stunning Wells Grace lace blouse from SaksOFF5th. Texture is the best way to break up whites. You’ll also notice a slight variation in shade, also a great way to create dimension.


My last layer was a sheer pink linen blazer, also from J.Crew Factory. While not white, it complemented my base pieces perfectly and was still in keeping with the head-to-toe look. Bring in pastel colors like this one to add a little interest to your traditional all white look. I will say, a structured white blazer would have looked just a great with this ensemble. The choice is yours!


My favorite part of this look was my light grey tote from H&M. Again, not white but the perfect complement to the monochromatic outfit. The tote came in an assortment of other pastel colors, but the grey was a definite standout. It was also the perfect size for a day of shopping!


I kept the accessories simple with these sophisticated stud earrings from Francesca’s. Crafted in gold-tone mixed metal with light pink stones, they added just the right touch of color to brighten up my face.


Petite, stacked rings from H&M also made a dainty statement when checking out at each store. Everyone asked about them, which goes to show bigger does not always mean better!


Last but not least, was my beautiful gold bow bracelet from Francesca’s. It was very Kate Spade-esque and tied (pun intended) my feminine look together perfectly!


If you’re wondering about the shoes, they were Charles David from SaksOFF5th. I wanted a classic, understated neutral pump to soften the look. In addition to the white jeans, these are also a spring must-have! Neutral pumps come in handy quite often!


So there you have it! Get this head-to-toe look for less at Tanger Outlets.

#TangerTips For Wearing All White

White Fashion

What’s the hottest color this spring? Trick question – it’s white! White can be an intimidating color to many. The mere thought of wearing it head-to-toe makes some people cringe, but not this season… It’s time to embrace it. There’s no color more crisp or refreshing and it sure makes it tough to sport a gloomy mood when radiating the joy of springtime.

Below, I’ve provided a few tips and tricks to shopping for whites. You aren’t necessarily going to purchase an all white look in one visit, so it’s important to invest in quality pieces that you can pair together for a fashionable head-to-toe look later. Keep these 3 tips in mind:

Think Texture

Lace & leather, linen & chiffon – These are just a few of the many combinations that work with monochromatic whites. All white looks don’t have to be matching sets, in fact I encourage you to switch it up a bit. Texture is a great way to break up your look and separates one piece from the other. It adds depth and interest.

Mix Shades

There are many different shades of white, including dove, natural, ercu and more. Mixing these hues will help you avoid the Mr. clean look. Don’t be afraid of clashing, just go for it! Not only will this make shopping easier (we all know it’s almost impossible to find the same shade of white in multiple stores) but it will make your look easier to layer after you’ve collected multiple pieces.

Have Fun with Accents

If you can’t quite commit to the entire look just yet, try accessorizing with metallics, pastels or even brighter pops of color. These will draw the eye away from the base look, but not take away from the fact that you’re making an all white fashion statement whether you like it or not! All white can be made fun with spring accessories.

In addition to keeping my rules for white in mind, remember my 3 absolutes for any shopping trip:

  1. Purchase at least one item that is slightly out of your comfort zone
  2. Avoid cotton when possible
  3. Invest in pieces with noteworthy details

Keep these tips & tricks in mind and you’re on your way to creating the most stylish spring wardrobe you’ve ever owned. The all white trend has limitless potential. Play with it, be daring and have fun.

Happy Shopping!

We’re Going Gingham

Gingham isn’t just for picnics anymore. It’s a closet classic you can pull off for almost any occasion and happens to be one of the biggest spring trends of 2015. Designers such as Altuzarra, Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta all brought gingham to the runways this year, showing us it’s hip to be square!

This checked, usually cotton, fabric was made popular in the ’50s and ’60s by style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, who wore it in the form of cropped pants and skirts. It’s still commonly associated with crisp sunny days and can lend a bit of ladylike polish even on the hottest days of the year.

Yes, gingham is a pretty eye-catching print but contrary to popular belief, it’s incredibly easy to wear. I love breezy dresses, loose-fitting shorts or full skirts or trousers. Pair them with crop tops, sheer blouses and other light spring fabrics for the perfect looks! Check out (pun intended) Tanger Outlets on Pinterest for gingham inspiration and ways to work it into your existing wardrobe.


Happy Shopping!