Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods Grand Opening

Here’s to another Tanger Outlets Grand Opening in the books! I was so thrilled to be invited to my second Grand Opening event of the year. This visit, oh so different from the first in Savannah, GA. Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods is the first development linked to a casino and first indoor shopping mall in the United States. This made for quite an exciting shopping experience!



Tanger Outlets hosted a beautiful gala event on the eve of the Grand Opening, giving attendees the opportunity to shop before the crowds the next day. CEO and President of Tanger Outlets, Steve Tanger gave the welcoming remarks and seemed just as excited as the rest of us for this much-anticipated opening. This exclusive event was appreciated by all!


The morning of the Grand Opening, I had the opportunity to make a quest appearance on NBC Connecticut News and WNTH’s CTStyle to talk summer fashion, fun and savings! Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods has over 80 incredible brand name stores, many new to the Connecticut market. I was excited to share this news with the locals and of course share a few tips and tricks to styling for the summer months.







Once I returned back to the resort, It was time to shop and explore all of the incredible Grand Opening events. I attended the design-on-a-dime workshop, hosted by Jonathan and Drew Scott of The Property Brothers, grabbed a bite to eat at the VIP brunch, visited the Tanger Instagram lounge to take a selfie or two, entered the Like It or Love It sweepstakes to win a fabulous summer bag and matching heels, stopped by the $10,000 Tanger Dream closet (and yes entered to win for a second time) and more! It was a jam-packed day full of fun and fashion!






After making my way through the center and experiencing all of the exciting weekend events, it was time to shop. The savings are always great at Tanger Outlets, but nothing compares to the sales that were being held this week. 50% OFF entire stores, BOGO shoes, you name it! The savings were unmatched.



The Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods Grand Opening was an unbeatable experience. Now, please excuse me while I try to squeeze all of new purchases into my suitcase!


Happy Shopping!

Blue & White Summer Fashions

Black and white can be a little stark for summer, so I like to mix it up with blue and white fashions instead. It’s more subtle and provides a fresh feel for those hot summer months. Plus, the color combo simply evokes summer with hues of the blue seas mixed with crisp white cottons and linens.

Blue is the most versatile and flattering of all colors. There is a shade that suits everyone, from vibrant turquoise, pastel or ice blue, indigo to navy… You can’t go wrong! When it’s hot, there’s nothing easier than pairing your favorite or most flattering shade with cool whites – a striped shirt, shorts and sandals, a linen shift dress with espadrilles or your favorite seersucker look.

Here are some of my favorite blue and white street styles. I’ve taken notes and will be recreating more than one of these looks with pieces from Tanger Outlets in the coming weeks. You can do the same!

Take a mental picture (or simply pull up www.TangerStyleMaker.com from your phone) and head to Tanger Outlets for all of the season’s top notch blue and white fashions for reasonable prices! You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like you did. Feel free to comment below or touch base via your favorite social media network with questions on styling your new look.

Happy shopping!

Fuse Comfort & Style with Denim

For those of you who adore wearing denim all of the time, you’re in luck! Designers made it very evident this year that there is a denim look for every occasion. Not to mention, jeans themselves have been taken to an entirely new level. This season’s denim is all about reinterpreting an old classic in fresh ways.

Have you checked out your denim collection lately? If you’re anything like me, it’s time for an update! I used to purchase denim pieces every blue moon because they always lasted for so long. Luckily they’re still lasting just as long, but there is now an endless selection of different styles and ways to wear it. So, venture out to Tanger Outlets and pick up some of these noteworthy denim pieces for this season (and many seasons to come).

From a subtle ’70s flare that lends denim a much wider silhouette, to the brand-new take on the relaxed boyfriend fit, here are a few staples to look for that will make you stand apart from the rest.







Similar pieces can be found at the following stores: Saks OFF 5th, Banana Republic Factory Store, Gab Factory Store, PacSun, J.Crew Factory and Charlotte Russe Outlet. Comment below with any questions – I would be happy to help you style your new denim look!

Happy Shopping!

Experience Sheers

Ok, so I admit I’ve said it a few times already this season but the sheer/translucent look is arguably my favorite Spring trend. There’s definitely a tasteful and not so tasteful way to rock this see through trend, so feel free to reach out (cough, cough, comment below) with any questions you may have about how to pull it off. I shared with our Instagram followers that I prefer to wear sheer tops over base pieces like a camisole. I also like buying pieces with subtle translucent accents around the neck, waistline and even hemlines. These details can make even the most structured and sophisticated piece look soft and feminine.

Check out the video below for a few extra tips on perfecting this beautiful trend and a behind the scenes look at our TangerStyle Spring photoshoot in NYC!

Now go stock up on your sheers – Happy Shopping!

How to Reinvent the Polo Shirt

The humble polo shirt of the ’90s is back and better than ever. I honestly never thought I would be so happy for a comeback, but here I am jumping for joy! Coming in a close second to the white t-shirt, polo style shirts are the quintessential wardrobe staple. Can you tell I’m a comfort first kind of girl?

Designers and fashionistas alike have proven that this iconic top can be dressed up or down in a number of different ways. They’re also readily available in more fabrics and showcase more detail than ever before. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against the classic polo look inspired by the one and only Ralph Lauren, I’m just here to show you that this hot spring commodity is so much more than the go-to for golf pros, prep-school kiddos or suburban dads.

Below are a number of classic and contemporary styled polo looks, compliments of Tanger Outlets on Pinterest. Comment below and let me know which looks are your favorite and how you plan to reinvent this comeback trend.

To find these looks and more, visit our Pinterest page @TangerOutlets. You’re sure to find tons of pinspiration for your next classic polo ensemble.

Happy shopping… or shall I say happy pinning!

Savannah, GA Grand Opening Celebrations

The much-anticipated opening of the brand new Tanger Outlets in Savannah, GA took place Thursday, April 16th and ran through Sunday, April 19th. The weekend was full of fun, fashion, fireworks and more. I have a feeling the excitement for this center is not going to die down anytime soon and luckily for the Savannah shoppers, the center isn’t going anywhere!

I was extremely excited to travel to my favorite southern coastal destination to experience an endless list of brand name stores and additional grand opening savings. While the humidity might have gotten the best of my locks, there was no raining on our parade! Check out all of the incredible events and activities that Tanger Outlets so kindly hosted on grand opening weekend.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Ribbon Cutting

The fun-filled day of festivities began with a ribbon cutting ceremony, where we had the chance to learn all about the development from Mr. Steven B. Tanger himself. We also enjoyed a guest appearance from Jonathan and Drew Scott from The Property Brothers on HGTV. The event was a huge hit and drew hundreds of shoppers in first thing in the morning.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Southern Scene

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Natalie Hendrix


After the ribbon cutting ceremony I made my way over to the Tanger Dream Closet where I met with Natalie Hendrix of The Southern Scene. We recorded multiple segments for the show covering everything from Spring and Summer fashions to the perfect Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts… All from Tanger Outlets of course! After we wrapped, we had a few surprise visitors. I guess the Scott brothers wanted to see the Tanger Dream Closet for themselves!

Tanger Outlets Savannah_The Property Brothers

There was buzz about an Instagram Lounge all morning long, so I had to go check it out. It was the perfect chance to rest and recharge “TangerStyle” and I even got in a few Tanger selfies before I left. I was also able to see my photos on the TangerStyle wall of fame after using hashtag #GoTanger.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Instagram Lounge

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Relax & Recharge

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Selfie 1

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Selfie 2

Tanger Outlets Savannah_GoTanger

Right around the corner from the Instagram Lounge was the Tanger Dream Cloud of Savings. Now this, I could get used to! Shoppers were invited to stand beneath the Tanger Dream Cloud and simply tweet a message using #TangerDream. As soon as they published their tweet a coupon literally came falling from the sky! It doesn’t get much better than that. It was raining savings all day long.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Tanger Cloud of Savings

The next station caught my eye from the other end of the center. Tanger displayed 4 designer bags and allowed shoppers the opportunity to vote “Like It or Love It” for a chance to win the bag… The exact bag they had been drooling over all day, at least in my case! I don’t think I won this one, but it was definitely worth the try!

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Like It or Love It

Last but not least, I entered for a chance to win a $10,000 Dream Closet from The Closet & Cabinet Experts and $4,500 in Tanger cash. I’ve yet to receive news on this one either, but I’m sure the lucky winner will enjoy all the perks of having their own dressing suite! What an incredible giveaway.

Tanger Outlets Savannah_Dream Closet

It was at exhilarating day at Tanger Outlets Savannah. I hope to be back very soon!

Tanger Outlets Savannah

As for now… Happy Shopping! I’ll see you in Foxwoods, CT.

Spotted – Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

Our feet get a break this spring! It’s time to clean out the unworn shoes sitting idle in your closet and incorporate a little streetwear sole into your look. From animal-print high-tops to graphic slip-ons, designers have come out with an endless selection of sneakers that are commuter-chic. Here are some of the comfiest shoes spotted at Fashion Weeks around the world. What do you think about this edgy spring trend?

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

2015 Spring Sneakers

Comment and let us know which of these looks is your favorite and how you think you’ll try to pull of this fun spring trend.

Happy Shopping!

Get To Know The Spring Palette

Pantone Spring 2015

Spring 2015 will be full of hues like Lucite Green, Tangerine and Toasted Almond. We all have our favorite (mine is Aquamarine) or know which ones flatter us best, but what do our favorite colors really say about us? Real Simple discloses what your clothes would reveal, if they could talk of course!

Aquamarine, Scuba Blue & Classic Blue

Blues are the world’s most preferred colors, as it conjures the sky and sea. These elements are calming and evoke trust and dependability.


Orange is the child of yellow and red and takes on the traits of both colors, but with a little less intensity. Fans of the orange hues are said to be enthusiastic, warm, and gregarious.


Shades of red are eye-catching and signal extroverted, assertive dispositions.


Yellows are evocative of sunshine and roaring fires. It indicates a cheerful, energizing personality. People gravitate to those that like yellow.

Toasted Almond

Browns, nudes and other neutrals denote a down-to-earth attitude. These people appear relaxed but are also reliable and responsible.

Glacier Gray

This stone hue projects coolness and composure. You are the rock that others rely on… Se what they did there.

Lucite Green

Green is serene. The balance of warm and cool tones also suggests stability and approachability.

Strawberry Ice

This beautiful shade of red or rose has a tranquilizing effect, which explains why pink-loving people are thought to be romantic, gentle, and sweet.

Now that you understand what your favorite colors say and you, head to Tanger Outlets and stock up on all that you can find in the many shades of spring!

Happy Shopping!

How To Style an All White Look

Knowing how to wear an all white outfit will help you pull off the season’s hottest trend. See [Tips and Tricks to Wearing All White] for advice on how to shop for the perfect all white pieces at Tanger Outlets.

Check out the look I styled at Tanger Outlets in Charleston, SC for our #TangerStyle Spring morning show Appearance on LowCountry Live. It was fresh, delicate and feminine and the best part – Each piece can be reworked to create a number of other spring looks!


I started with my favorite pair of skinny ankle jeans from J.Crew Factory. They are the perfect spring staple, a great fit and as comfortable as ever! You can wear them casually or dress them up like I’ve done here.


I pulled in texture with this stunning Wells Grace lace blouse from SaksOFF5th. Texture is the best way to break up whites. You’ll also notice a slight variation in shade, also a great way to create dimension.


My last layer was a sheer pink linen blazer, also from J.Crew Factory. While not white, it complemented my base pieces perfectly and was still in keeping with the head-to-toe look. Bring in pastel colors like this one to add a little interest to your traditional all white look. I will say, a structured white blazer would have looked just a great with this ensemble. The choice is yours!


My favorite part of this look was my light grey tote from H&M. Again, not white but the perfect complement to the monochromatic outfit. The tote came in an assortment of other pastel colors, but the grey was a definite standout. It was also the perfect size for a day of shopping!


I kept the accessories simple with these sophisticated stud earrings from Francesca’s. Crafted in gold-tone mixed metal with light pink stones, they added just the right touch of color to brighten up my face.


Petite, stacked rings from H&M also made a dainty statement when checking out at each store. Everyone asked about them, which goes to show bigger does not always mean better!


Last but not least, was my beautiful gold bow bracelet from Francesca’s. It was very Kate Spade-esque and tied (pun intended) my feminine look together perfectly!


If you’re wondering about the shoes, they were Charles David from SaksOFF5th. I wanted a classic, understated neutral pump to soften the look. In addition to the white jeans, these are also a spring must-have! Neutral pumps come in handy quite often!


So there you have it! Get this head-to-toe look for less at Tanger Outlets.

#TangerTips For Wearing All White

White Fashion

What’s the hottest color this spring? Trick question – it’s white! White can be an intimidating color to many. The mere thought of wearing it head-to-toe makes some people cringe, but not this season… It’s time to embrace it. There’s no color more crisp or refreshing and it sure makes it tough to sport a gloomy mood when radiating the joy of springtime.

Below, I’ve provided a few tips and tricks to shopping for whites. You aren’t necessarily going to purchase an all white look in one visit, so it’s important to invest in quality pieces that you can pair together for a fashionable head-to-toe look later. Keep these 3 tips in mind:

Think Texture

Lace & leather, linen & chiffon – These are just a few of the many combinations that work with monochromatic whites. All white looks don’t have to be matching sets, in fact I encourage you to switch it up a bit. Texture is a great way to break up your look and separates one piece from the other. It adds depth and interest.

Mix Shades

There are many different shades of white, including dove, natural, ercu and more. Mixing these hues will help you avoid the Mr. clean look. Don’t be afraid of clashing, just go for it! Not only will this make shopping easier (we all know it’s almost impossible to find the same shade of white in multiple stores) but it will make your look easier to layer after you’ve collected multiple pieces.

Have Fun with Accents

If you can’t quite commit to the entire look just yet, try accessorizing with metallics, pastels or even brighter pops of color. These will draw the eye away from the base look, but not take away from the fact that you’re making an all white fashion statement whether you like it or not! All white can be made fun with spring accessories.

In addition to keeping my rules for white in mind, remember my 3 absolutes for any shopping trip:

  1. Purchase at least one item that is slightly out of your comfort zone
  2. Avoid cotton when possible
  3. Invest in pieces with noteworthy details

Keep these tips & tricks in mind and you’re on your way to creating the most stylish spring wardrobe you’ve ever owned. The all white trend has limitless potential. Play with it, be daring and have fun.

Happy Shopping!

We’re Going Gingham

Gingham isn’t just for picnics anymore. It’s a closet classic you can pull off for almost any occasion and happens to be one of the biggest spring trends of 2015. Designers such as Altuzarra, Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta all brought gingham to the runways this year, showing us it’s hip to be square!

This checked, usually cotton, fabric was made popular in the ’50s and ’60s by style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, who wore it in the form of cropped pants and skirts. It’s still commonly associated with crisp sunny days and can lend a bit of ladylike polish even on the hottest days of the year.

Yes, gingham is a pretty eye-catching print but contrary to popular belief, it’s incredibly easy to wear. I love breezy dresses, loose-fitting shorts or full skirts or trousers. Pair them with crop tops, sheer blouses and other light spring fabrics for the perfect looks! Check out (pun intended) Tanger Outlets on Pinterest for gingham inspiration and ways to work it into your existing wardrobe.


Happy Shopping!

How to Wear the Shades of the Sun – Yellow


yellow tanger outlets

Spring 2015 runways were dripping in yellow. It is undoubtedly THE color of the season, but it’s hard to hear so many people say “Oh, yellow is just not my color” and brush it under the rug. Listen – I’m here to tell you that you CAN wear yellow. It all about picking the right shade for your skin tone. You can even rock the shades you adore, but don’t go with your complexion by wearing them as an accent or really anywhere away from the face. Think pumps, trousers or a cute handbag. There’s a solution for everything!

Check out my favorite yellow finds from some of Tanger’s top retailers!

Still not sure exactly how to pull off this bold color for Spring? Comment below and I’ll be more than happy to lend a helping hand with additional tips tricks.

Happy Shopping!


How To Style The Shirt Dress


The shirt dress is one of the most anticipated and versatile spring trends. It can take you from day to night and back and can be paired with almost any accessory in your closet with a little creativity. In addition, they are forgiving, always feminine and even tough enough to get you through a busy day at the office. In my opinion, the shirt dress should exist in the wardrobe of every style-conscious woman across the globe.

If you only take away one thing from reading this blog, it should be that quality is key! Purchasing a well-made, high-quality shirt dress will prove its worth in no time. It’s also important to keep it minimal. A few general rules of thumb are to avoid the “fluff” (ruffles, jewels, etc.) and stick to solids. A blank canvas provides much more room for styling, not to mention you can create 10+ looks for the price of one!

Before you head to Tanger in search of the perfect new addition to your spring wardrobe, check out these 10 tips for choosing and styling the classic shirt dress:

  1. Pay attention to the fit – A well-fitting shirt dress shouldn’t pull across your chest. If it has buttons, make sure you can comfortably button each of them.
  2. Choose the hem that’s right for you – If you’re petite or on the shorter side, be sure to look for shirt dresses that are cut just above the knee. Hems that angle up on the sides can also make your legs appear longer. If you’re tall, try the longer shirt dresses or even maxis.
  3. Know your figure – If you’ve got more of a boyish figure, look for a shirt dress that tapers in slightly at the waist. This will help create the illusion of a waistline.
  4. Have fun with your shoes – Shirt dresses can be paired with almost any shoe you can think of – flats, sandals, sneakers, wedges, you name it!
  5. Dress it all the way up – Shirt dresses can undoubtedly look a little masculine, but that’s nothing a few jewels and a great pair of heels can’t fix.
  6. Be adventurous – If a shirt dress comes with a belt (which many do), don’t be afraid to kick it to the curb every now and then and experiment with others!
  7. Don’t forget layering – If you’re like me and don’t want to flaunt your pale winter legs right away this spring, toss on a pair of leggings with your shirt dress for a casual chic look.
  8. Collars are not required – Not all shirt dresses require a collar, in fact many these days resemble a t-shirt as opposed to the traditional button down.
  9. Get sporty – Pick up a long baseball tee or a chambray shirt dress for a fresh look you can rock to your favorite spring sporting events.
  10. Embrace the love – Invest in a silky, flowy shirt dress for the fancier spring occasions.

I hope these helped! Now you’re ready for a day of shopping at Tanger! Let me know how it goes and be sure to share your favorite finds with me on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to tag @TangerOutlets and chat with me using the hashtag #TangerStyleMaker.

Happy Shopping!

Optical Illusions

Florals are redesigned each season and plaids, stripes and polka dots fade in and out of the fashion scene, often times going unnoticed. One trend that will forever be eye-catching and even sometimes hypnotizing… Optical Illusions! They are by far my favorite print of 2015. They’re made of your typical stripe or geo shape, but bent, twisted and twirled into a never-ending design. I’ve seen them done in everything from handbags to Toms. Because it can be a tricky print to style, I want to spend some time breaking down how I might pair each fabulous find below. Take a look and comment with which daring piece you’re going to try! Trust me, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a daring fashion risk without having to step far from your comfort zone.

My first find is from Saks OFF 5th. I spotted this stunning tote out of the corner of my eye and had to feature it. Start with a solid head-to-toe look and toss on this beauty as THE staple accessory. Keep it simple, and let the bag do all of the talking!

Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH  1This blouse from J.Crew Factory is the perfect staple to keep on hand. In addition to your multicolored shells, every girl needs a few bold, printed blouses to pair with your favorite chunky sweater or chic blazer. How cute would this top be with a distressed boyfriend jean, a white blazer and a bright red lip? Ahh I can’t wait to try it!

J.Crew | Crewcuts Factory

The maxi skirt is the ultimate combination of style and comfort. I love how Lane Bryant Outlet styled this one with a casual white tee, mesh leather jacket and cool kicks. Maxi skirts are extremely versatile and can be worn with booties in the winter and sandals in the warmer months. The more prints and color combos you have on hand, the more choices you’ll have year-round!

Lane Bryant Outlet

Now worries – If you’re a bit more conservative or work in a more buttoned up industry, you can still sneak a little style into your work attire. This printed blouse from Maurices is the perfect example of a slimming, conservative cut mixed with a fun pattern. Just like the blouse from J.Crew Factory, pair this with solid, neutral pieces. This particular top would look phenomenal with a classic black pencil skirt and pointy suede pumps. Don’t you agree?

MauricesJust like the maxi skirt, the maxi dress screams comfort – But that doesn’t have to be all that it screams! They can also be commanding, like this one from Old Navy Outlet. Pair it with a light denim jacket or chambray shirt with the sleeves rolled up and you’ve got the perfect look for spring.

Old Navy Outlet

And last but not least – The Toms! I adore these kicks. Not only are they super stylish, but the proceeds go towards a good cause AND they feel as though you’re walking on clouds. Throw them on with your favorite relaxed tee and skinny jeans and you’re all set for a busy day of running errands or a play date with the kids. They can be found at Vans or Journeys.

ZumiezLet me know what your favorite optical illusion pieces are… Happy Shopping!

Get Festive in a Flash! Last minute Valentine’s Day Looks

It’s Valentine’s Day and if you’re spending time with your honey or your girlfriends tonight you are going to need the perfect outfit. Don’t worry, Tanger has you covered! You can put together a fabulous combination of festive frocks in a flash! By pairing a bold accessory with a classic black dress, or sporting a blouse with a pop of pink or red you will be date night ready in minutes. If you need that perfect piece, no worries – here are some great style ideas that you will absolutely fall for.
Kate Spade_Tanger Outlets
Kate Spade has hot colors for your festive date night! Treat yourself to a nice Valentine’s Day gift that will complete your outfit tonight. Not to mention, you can sport it into spring.
Need a new pair of heels to complete your look? Banana Republic has pumps to take your look to new heights. This fun patterned pair would be perfect to compliment a sassy red dress!
Add some sparkle with a great statement piece. Ann Taylor has accessories that will make your V-Day look shine, but would also be great for a more conservative office look.
Doesn’t this pop of red look great under the White House Black Market blazer? The contrast of colors is sure to make anyone’s heart race.
No matter your plans for tonight you are going to love your look. Find your last-minute pieces that will make your outfit pop at Tanger. Hurry, there’s still time!
Happy Shopping!

Sweet ’60s & ’70s Fashions

The list of ’60s and ’70s style icons is endless – Mia Farrow, Jane Birkin, Diana Ross, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn… It’s not surprising that the trends of these two daring decades have been reoccurring for years. From bold florals and shift dresses to ties-dyes and mini skirts, there were many fads that made up this fashionable era, known to be one of the most fashion conscious times in history.

Lucky for us, we will begin seeing nods to these ’60s and ’70’s trends the spring’s modern designer collections. I have to say, I’m most looking forward to the colorful prints, shift dresses, oversized sunglasses and boho-chic looks.

I’ve spotted revival looks on tons of celebrities lately, but these few are definitely my favorites! Check them out, take note and of course, head to Tanger to find similar looks!

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion
Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

Tanger Outlets_60s and 70s Inspired Fashion

While you may not want to look like you just stepped out of the 1960s, adding a touch of the era’s fashion can add a new twist to your wardrobe. The fashion elements of this decade are always welcomed additions to your closet.

Happy Shopping!

How to Remain Stylish & Cozy On The Go

Capes, ponchos and the “blanket-inspired coats” are IN this season and they make great, no-fuss transitional pieces as we head into Spring! They can make the most basic ensamble a fashionable one and come in casual, modern and formal styles. They are the simple girl’s key to a cozy, trendy look.

While exploring some of my favorite brands at Tanger Outlets, I’ve stumbled across tons of classic capes and ponchos with eye-catching details, romatic versions with elegant embroidery and showstoppers with super bold prints – All creating the most beautiful oversized silhouettes!

Before I dive into of few of my favorites, here’s the rundown on what makes a poncho different form a cape. They really aren’t the same thing, I promise!

Ponchos – are those overcoats with one hole to pull your head through, usually in a square or rectangular shape.

Capes – are the same as the ponchos except they have 2 extra holes for your arms. And are usually more tailored, or resemble very feminine retro circled oversized coats. 

Here are my picks! Comment below and let me know what you think.

Happy Shopping!

Fairytale Inspired Fashions

Nostalgia and childhood fantasy make this winter trend a modern fairytale. Bring your favorite character to life with these inspired fashions!


Pinocchio, a puppet carved by a wood-carver in a small Italian village, might have been prone to telling lies and fabricating stories for various reasons but he sure did have a sense of fashion. He has been reimagined through the minds of creative kids since the 1800s, but his classic sense of style has remained the same. Recreate this look with a pair of high-waisted shorts or trousers, a button down blouse with Pinocchio’s notable bowed collar and a pair of leather or plush loafers or mary janes. If you’re going for the full effect, toss on a pair of suspenders and a trendy fedora. You’re sure to come to life in this look!


Snow White

Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess with fair skin and blue eyes. She was so fair that she was named Snow White. She was sweet, nurturing and had the kindest of hearts. Take a more literal approach to Snow White’s style with a beautiful white dress and a candy apple clutch. You’re sure to catch the attention of prince charming!

Snow White

Puss In Boots

Was it his trickery and deceit that gained him power, wealth and the hand of a princess or was it his impeccable taste? Puss in Boots was refered to as “The Booted Cat” in the original Italian tale which makes his beautiful (what I would assume were Italian leather) boots that much more admirable. Gain the confidence of this little man with showstopping boots of your own (riding or heeled), a tamed faux fur vest and the sassiest of fedoras that you can find.

Puss In Boots


What little girl doesn’t dream of her own Cinderella story? Life can be rough at times, but all is made well with a beautiful ball gown and glass slippers (and a prince of course). Recreate an every-day Cinderella look with a pair of powder blue ankle pants, a sophisticated and feminine white blouse and a magical metallic slipper, I mean pump! And don’t worry, this look can carry you long past midnight.


Little Red Riding Hood

The name of this beloved tale says it all – It was all about the fashionable cape! The plush red cape kept the little girl warm as she walked through the woods to deliver food to her sickly grandmother. Not only did she rock it in style, the tricky wolf did too – It’s that versatile and flattering to all. Pair your beautiful red cape or poncho with comfortable jeans and brown booties for your own trek through the weekend.

Red Riding Hood

Are you inspired? Take a little trek back to your childhood and pick up a few pieces that bring back the magic from your beloved fairytale. Each of the pieces featured above can be found at TangerOutlets retailers nationwide.

Happy Shopping!

Bundle Up In Style

Baby it’s cold outside! Embrace the season and make a statement with your winter coat this year. Don’t fall into the same rut of tossing on your dark, drab coat everyday, covering up your noteworthy fashions. Take note from some of these style goddesses and play up your cozy essentials.


Alba (one of my all-time favorite style icons) rocks one of the season’s other “cool” trends, pastel. Step away from the gloomy tones this winter and invest in a softer statement, like this knit-trimmed wool coat from SaksOFF5th!



Rosie’s cozy-chic gray coat is a must-have! I also loved that she traded the traditional winter-ready beanie for a trendy floppy hat. Get this look with this sleek wool coat from Banana Republic.



This fashionable mom-to-be hid her beautiful bump with a graphic cape and sleek, slimming all-black basics. Make a similar statement with this military cape from Polo Ralph Lauren.



Williams went for a more classic look with a camel polo coat layered over a knit turtleneck and simple pencil skirt. The leather gloves and booties add the perfect amount of spice to this sophisticated look. Create it yourself with this long wool coat from Brooks Brothers!


Happy Shopping!

LBD – 5 Days 5 Ways

The social season is in full swing and your presence is in high demand at holiday events ranging from a casual gift swap with your girlfriends to a chic company soiree. Think you could rock the same LBD (little black dress) to each one? Of course! Check out how I suggest styling this classic LBD from Banana Republic Factory Store at Tanger – 5 Days 5 Ways!

Holiday Dinner with the Girls

Go feminine! Bring in a little color with a suede strappy heel or pump and a delicate necklace with ribbon accents. Of course any color will work, but I am a bit partial to gem tones over the holidays. They’re so regal and warm! If it’s a little chilly, simply add a solid black cardigan or shawl. You don’t want to steal any attention from these glamorous accessories.


Holiday Office Party

You’ll be the talk of the office in this chic ensemble. Pair your classic LBD with a winter white or cream blazer with gold accents. Store your necessities in a shimmering gold clutch. If you want to glam it up even more, add a sparkly gold chandelier earring or a wrist full of fun bangles. Hint, hint – you could rock this look on New Years Eve too (assuming you aren’t ringing in the new year with your coworkers)!


Holiday Date Night

I’m sure your boo loves to see you get all dolled up, but I’m positive he likes the simple you even better! Toss on a classic black wedge or heel (extra points for the ankle strap) before heading to your favorite holiday hot spot. In case he’s not willing to carry the lip gloss and ID, pick up a black and gold chain clutch. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’ll take his breath away!


Casual Holiday Brunch

Heading out to finish some holiday shopping, but want to stop and grab brunch with your besties? Toss on your festive holiday scarf and brown booties. You know they’re going to want to take pictures, so style away. It’s casual enough to run around town, but trendy enough to turn heads at the table.


The Holiday Extravaganza

‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine! Dare to be different in this jaw-dropping sequined blazer. It’s a show stopper, for sure! Add a pair of large vintage, rhinestone earrings for even more pizzaz! This is my FAVORITE holiday look! It’s fun, flirty and screams “pass the champagne!” Keep the shoe simple – a basic black pump will do!

So there you have it… You have no reason to ditch the holiday shindig, just because you can’t figure out what to wear! There are endless possibilities with the LBD! If you don’t already have one, this is the year to invest! Make sure it’s figure flattering, comfortable and a classic shape. You’ll be wearing it for years to come.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Velvet Nights


Velvet has finally managed to nix the old, dated stereotype and has gained some serious fashion cred with the whose who of the world. It graced the fall/winter runways with glamour and ease. Plush, luxe fabric is officially in!

Before you jump on the velvet bandwagon, I want to share my five tips on pulling off this new and improved trend. Take my advice and you’ll come out looking like a star!

1. When in Doubt, Go Dark

Colored velvets can be a little tricky. If you have any hesitation at all, I recommend going with a deep jewel tone, steel grey or even black instead. Not only are they more versatile, they’re flattering too!

2. Avoid Crushed Velvet (please)

You don’t want to look like an ice dancer, do you? I would avoid crushed velvet at all costs. Go with a thicker fabric. Also, avoid velvets with any stretch. They tend not to last as long.

3. Try a Menswear Silhouette

The most popular velvet pieces include dresses and skirts. These are perfectly fine and recommended, but there’s something about a velvet blazer that seems extra special. I’ve even seen velvet tailored trousers at Tanger.

4. Resist Nostalgia

Have any oversized velvet bows or jump suits lying around? Well, I give you permission to send them on to never-never land. Invest in fresh takes on the luxurious fabric like a paneled sweatshirt or even a velvet baseball cap. Oh la la.

5. Don’t Dilute The Effect

Velvet is a show stopper! All you really need is one nice piece to make an outfit pop – No need to over do it. You don’t want to look too busy.
If you have any specific questions, comment below and we’ll get you on the right track. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Gold Rules Supreme

‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine! Metallics have always been a holiday favorite, but gold is ruling supreme this year, over silver, rose and all the others. It’s fun, festive, fancy and classy. Glisten head-to-toe in a gold sequined dress or pair gold accessories with your favorite LBD (little black dress) for a more timeless style. There are endless opportunities to make a statement with this season’s most elegant trend.

Gold allows you to stylishly express your holiday spirit without wearing the oh-so-obvious red or green. While the options are endless, there are still rules to wearing it correctly. If you go with a dress, skirt, pants, etc., make sure the rest of your ensemble is relatively simple. Just because you have a gold sequin dress on doesn’t mean you have to wear gold sequin shoes, too. If you opt for wearing accessories you can have a little more fun.

Below are some of my favorite gold finds from some of Tanger’s top brands. Take a peek, add them to your list and then report back on what you find. You won’t be disappointed!

Keep your look polished and current with any or all of these fabulous gold pieces and enjoy the sparkle of the season. Happy shopping!

The Secrets To Looking Aspen Chic

Tanger Outlets_Aspen Chic

Tanger Outlets_Aspen Chic

This chilly fall/winter weather feels like it’s here to stay guys! I’m not saying I’m happy about it, but it does give me a darn good reason to spruce up my fall/winter wardrobe. I’ve taken cues from some of fashion’s leading designers and invested in a number of Aspen Chic items. Aspen Chic is that stylish nordic, ski bunny look. This year, it’s been done with a bit of a twist and has a northwestern flare. It’s beautiful none the less. From what I’ve seen around Tanger and strutting down the runways, the chunky knit sweater is going to be the season’s go-to item. Luckily, there are options galore!

Here are a few styling tips to keep you looking cool and current. Remember, you don’t have to actually be a world-class skier to look like one. Aspen Chic is a casual look, both on and off the slopes!

Ann Taylor LOFT

Tip No. 1 – Texture. Texture. Texture.

Or shall I say tips number one, two and three? Texture is everything people! I preach this with fashion, home decor, etc. Textured knits are super playful – Call it chunky, fuzzy, furry, anything you would like. It’s all in the feel!


Tip No. 2 – Go Big or Go Home

Yep, I said it! Oversized sweaters aren’t just for the legging type! They can be worn a number of ways – with slacks, over a sheath dress, with a fun a-line skirt and more! Long sweaters and oversized “boyfriend” knits are modern and fresh. My favorite take on this is the funnel neck, which is the oversized version of the traditional turtle neck sweater. Ponchos are also an awesome oversized option!

American Eagle Outfitters

Tip No. 3 – Don’t Dress to Blend In

Color and patterns are all the rage. Neutrals have their place in my heart (don’t get me wrong), but when it comes to dressing for sweater weather, I go for fun palletes and perky patterns. We all need a little extra umph when it gets this cold anyway. This is sure to give your fall/winter wardrobe that touch of pizzazz you’ve been looking for.


Tip No. 4 – Mix and Match

Chunky fall/winter sweaters shouldn’t always be worn with heavy jeans, wool slacks and corduroys. Mix it up and toss on leather leggings, silky jogging pants, maxi skirts and more! Dare to be edgy, or just slightly out of the box.


Tip No. 5 – Stay Dressed… All Day

I know too many people who don’t put thought into fall/winter accessories, because they think they’re meant to be stripped down and thrown to the side once they take off their coat. Instead, I recommend adding to the look just as you would any other time of the year. If you throw on an awesome wool hat, embrace it and style it for an all-day look. If you’re throwing on an infinity scarf to cozy up, coordinate with your fun colors and prints and wear it for the day.

Comment below and let me know if you have any questions about how to pull off this Aspen Chic trend or have other ideas to share with my readers!

Happy Shopping!

The Tanger Outlets Grand Opening Experience – Ottawa, ON

It’s official – Tanger Outlets is open in OTTAWA!

I had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening celebration of the brand new Tanger Outlets center in Ottawa, ON. It was so incredibly exciting! As if the endless number of brand name stores weren’t enough, Tanger brought in ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, glam stations, circus performers, food trucks, celebrity guests, hosted VIP cocktail parties and more. It was spectacular! Tanger sure knows how to throw a welcoming party and oh boy did people show for it… Traffic counts were unmatched!

Some of the hottest brands included Coach, Nike Factory Store, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Cole Haan Outlet, just to name a few! Let’s just say I had to invest in another piece of luggage before returning home. For a full list of stores in Ottawa or at your nearest Tanger Outlet center, click here.

If you plan to visit Tanger Outlets Ottawa before November 20th, click here to download your additional 20% OFF savings coupons! And if you can’t make it before then, no worries! I hear the sales are unbeatable year round!

I am counting down the days until I get to visit again. Until then, I have this exciting video to watch to relive the excitement. Check it out for a behind the scenes look at a Tanger Outlets grand opening event.

Until next time – Happy Shopping!



Sleek and Stylish Rain Coats

It’s raining, it’s pouring, rain coats are scoring! Rainy days don’t have to be dreary. Top off your favorite fashions with style and wrap yourself in the hottest trends of the season. Embrace the wet weather with Tanger’s chic selection of waterproof jackets and coats. The selection (and not to mention price) is sure to brighten your day! Here are a few trendy styles to keep your eye out for.


Fun, feminine prints take away from the boyish sportswear look.

Tanger Outlets_Adidas Raincoat


Minimalist and chic, this jacket will see you through the showers in style.

Tanger Outlets_Eddie Bauer Black Raincoat


Keep dry whilst ensuring you stay on trend.

Tanger Outlets_Green Quilted Raincoat


A classic trench will ensure that you look chic – even if wet.

Tanger Outlets_Khaki Trench


Go for a high-fashion, high-shine take on rainwear.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 4.20.15 PM


The perfect companion to pack in your handbag.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 4.21.31 PM

 Happy Shopping!


Halloween Costumes from Tanger Outlets

Don’t fear! The Tanger Style Maker is here! Yes, I know it’s Halloween but I also know a number of people are still scurrying around looking for the perfect costume for tonight. I’ve spent the week sharing ideas of looks that can be pieced together with items either already hanging in your closet or waiting to be purchased at your nearest Tanger Outlets. They are simple, quick and fashionable of course! Check ’em out!

Look No. 1 – Mary Poppins

picstitch (14)

Mary Poppins must be an Ann Taylor Factory Store A-lister. To pull of this look, all you’ll need is a black, knee-length circle skirt and a white or cream long-sleeved blouse. Throw on a pair of black tights, your favorite high-heeled boots or booties and you’ve got your base. Accent with a red belt (and a bowtie if you have one lying around), white gloves, a black top hat and that trusty old black umbrella for a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious costume! Oh and don’t forget the spoon full of sugar!

Look No. 2 – Scarecrow

picstitch (15)

This is one of my favorites! I bought a great pair of overalls this year that I’ve dressed up and down all season long. Who knew my fun denim staple could double as a Halloween costume? All you’ll need to pull of this look are of course the denim overalls (I found mine at the Gap Outlet), a plaid or striped shirt and a straw hat (I’m using my beach hat). To accent the look and take it to the next level, tie a roped belt around your waist, toss a few fall leaves and straw in your pockets, paint on your most frightening scarecrow face and TA DA – You have a stylish scarecrow, good for adults or kiddos alike!

Look No. 3 – Lumberjack

picstitch (16)

I’m not sure about your beau, but those I know aren’t too fond of dressing up for this spook-tacular holiday. I found the perfect solution – A lumberjack! It’s fun and stylish, but still manly. All he’ll need is a plaid flannel shirt and his favorite pair of jeans. I found both at American Eagle Outfitters. I would add a pair of suspenders if he’s up for it and a beanie to top it off! If he’s willing to plan ahead of time, have him grow out his beard for the Halloween festivities. It’ll be a hit!

Look No. 4 – Olivia Pope

picstitch (17)

Scandal fans – This one is for you! Pair a classic white or cream trench with a pair of tailored slacks to mimic the fashionable Olivia Pope. If you don’t already have them, either of these pieces could be found at Calvin Klein. If you’re really wanting to channel the ABC diva, sip on an extra-large glass of vino throughout the night. It’s an accessory, I promise… Only for Olivia Pope!

So there you have it – Four awesome looks that you can throw together in no time! Let me know what you plan to dress up as tonight in the comments section below. Happy Halloween and Happy Shopping!

Tanger Tips: How To Wear Fall Hats

Hat lovers – It’s your time to shine! Get ready to turn heads in an “Oh wow she’s really pulling that off” rather than an “Oh lord, who told her that looked good” kind of way. Hats used to be the accessory you grabbed when you felt drab or were having a bad hair day. They are SO much more than this people… Hats aren’t intended to cover up the not so hot, they’re meant to shine, be the icing on the cake, you get my drift!

Hoping that you’ve come to understand my passion to reinvent the hat afterthought, I’m going to pack this post full of tips and tricks to wearing the season’s most fashionable accessories. There a quite a few hat options out there these days, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re all interchangeable. Versatile, yes. Interchangeable, no. Some work better with specific looks, look better with different hairstyles, etc.

Beanie - SaksBeanies

Beanies are a must-have for the colder months, but it can be super easy to slip into a more juvenile style with this headwear. We want to avoid looking like a child and go for more of a sophisticated fashion statement. Here’s how to accomplish a chic beanie look.

  1. Go with a neutral color – It’s more versatile this way.
  2. Keep it simple – Avoid beadwork or heavy embroidery.
  3. Opt for a looser fit – Tight beanies just look silly.
  4. Keep it natural – Wear it over your forehead and on a downward angle to the back of your head, covering your ears.

Cap - PacSunCaps

Baseball or athletic hats might be the only fashion accessory that men currently know more about than women. Sometimes we just want to toss one on as we run out the door like the guys, but we have to put more thought into it than that. Maybe these tips will make the decision a little easier.

  1. Avoid athletic logos or any large symbols  – These can be kept for those bad hair days I mentioned, but don’t try to dress them up.
  2. Try leather – Yes, a leather ball cap.
  3. Throw one on with a dress – You’ll be surprised, trust me!
  4. Embrace the menswear trend – I’m not saying wear your man’s cap, just toss your more stylish counterpart on with a pair of loose boyfriend jeans and a casual (but cute) tee.

Fedora - PacSunFedoras

Fedoras have been a popular male accessory for a while now, but no stress – More and more women are adopting this cool and casual look.They represent class, style, and sophistication. The fashion possibilities are absolutely endless! Just be sure to follow these rules.

  1. Work with your proportions – You don’t want your hat to overpower your frame.
  2. Invest in the classics – Felt and straw, get them both! You’ll thank me later.
  3. Master the “messy but cute” doo – Fedoras are the perfect compliment to a casual relaxed look.
  4. Get creative – Dress it up or down with decorative bands and accents.

FloppyFloppy Hats

There’s a floppy hat suitable for literally everyone and every style. From different colors, textures, shapes and adornments, you’re sure to find one that compliments your fall or winter look. I personally love the fact that they’re extremely practical as well. There’s nothing like saving your face from the elements in style! Here are a few tricks to successfully wearing them.

  1. Get the right fit – There IS such a thing as too big.
  2. Add your own personality (maybe with a POP of color) – Floppy hats are allowed to steal the show!
  3. Work on your posture – I know it sounds silly, but stand up straight. It look more chic this way!
  4. Go all out – Pair your new hat with a jumpsuit or wide legged pants for a 100% retro look.

You’ve got your tools, now get to Tanger and pick up your favorite fall hat! Happy Shopping!

A Match Made in Heaven

Matching separates are taking center stage this season in bold solids and striking prints! Whether you opt for pretty flowers or stand-out stripes, these perfect pieces were designed to come as a pair. I’m seeing double in everything from matching trouser suits and shorts with shell tops to blazers and pencil skirts. Fashionistas around the world are updating their looks with uniform dressing – head-to-toe textures, colors, prints, you name it! It’s time to meet your match…

But first – The following tips will help keep your look posh and trendy:

1. Go for a simple top (blouse or light tee) under the matching set, if it calls for one of course.

2. Pick a color (or print) and style that you’ll get wear out of separately too, not just as a set.

3. Choose modern cuts, fitted and tailored. Avoid oversized and flouncy pieces.

4. Accessorize with chic shoes, bags and clutches. This will ensure the look remains modern and sophisticated.

5. Large jewelry will also provide a nice touch to a super coordinated look.

Get double the style points by mirroring your new matchy matchy looks after the street style snapshots below.

Prints Please!

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Monochrome Love!

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Matchy Tanger Style Maker

Happy Shopping!

On the Hunt for 30 Trendy Items Under $30

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy hunting down the latest and greatest for you guys! My latest stop was in Foley, AL. In my last post, I shared my bargain buy of the season (the J.Crew striped dress) and showed you how to wear it three different ways for three different occasions. Check out that video here!

As if that weren’t enough fun and excitement for one trip, I decided to go on a little scavenger hunt. I thought, why not see how many trendy items I can find at Tanger for under $30 each… Oh and in 30 min! What? Crazy? No – It was actually a breeze. Watch my quick video to see my amazing finds. This just goes to show you that big or small, you can find anything on your shopping list at one of Tanger’s INCREDIBLE brand name stores in a flash! There’s no sifting through outdated merchandise, no having to ask 5 sales associates for help and no worry about time!

All of the items featured in my video can be found at the following stores:

American Eagle Outfitters

Banana Republic Factory Store

Gap Outlet

J.Crew Factory

Kenneth Cole

Old Navy Outlet

Hurry and Happy Shopping!

How To Wear One Dress Three Ways – Foley, AL

Sometimes refreshing your wardrobe doesn’t take a complete overhaul. If you invest in the right versatile staples, you should be able to style any statement piece a number of different ways. While visiting Tanger Outlets in Foley, Alabama, I found the perfect dress to transition from Summer to Fall and styled it for the office, a weekend festival and a datenight – Three completely different looks!

If you’re looking to put these looks together yourself, all you’ll need in addition to your favorite statement dress are the following items.

  1. Solid Blazer
    • Color of your choice
  2. Solid Flats
    • Color of your choice
    • Tip: try to compliment the blazer
  3. Denim Jacket 
    • Tip: I wear an oversized denim shirt to avoid the bulk
  4. Chunky Gold Necklace
    • Long or short depending on the cut of the dress
  5. Fun Scarf
  6. Neutral Heels
  7. Crystal Necklace 
    • Long or short depending on the cut of the dress
  8. Metallic Clutch

Chances are you probably already have half of these pieces hanging in your closet. Get creative and remember, if there’s something you’re missing, head to Tanger to find it! You can’t beat the selection and more importantly the savings! Happy Shopping!